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Engaging Customers. Shaping Networks

SpatialBuzz is a cloud-based analytics system that enables telephone network operators to deliver more transparent, consistent and proactive information to their customers.

SpatialBuzz came to us to take an intricate system of diverse and complex information, and deliver it in a way that was both visually appealing and easy to understand. The message and aesthetic was then to be rolled out across their website, app design, stationery, marketing materials, infographics and exhibition graphics.


Digital with a Human Touch

Bold vectors and a simple colour palette were used to create a clean, fresh and friendly feel to the brand and its collateral. Custom icons were created to visually communicate ideas and to deliver complex messages, and subtle shadows were used to add depth to an otherwise flat style.

Graphics were also designed and later animated to create a video for networks and their customers.


Transforming How You Communicate

Since the brand was rolled out, we have worked consistently with Spatial Buzz on their brand management, marketing collateral and new software developments. This has included prototyping a bespoke demo platform and dashboard that enables Spatial Buzz’s Marketing team to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities to potential new clients with ease; utilising the clean brand styling with animation, sound and motion graphics to explain an inherently complex concept in an attractive, attention grabbing and simple way.

We are also currently working closely with Leon Hardwick, SpatialBuzz’s Director of Sales and Marketing, on extending the capabilities of the Spatial Buzz app, including the creation of more bespoke video and animation.