6 Picks + 2: Creative Christmas Crafts

by Abi Trotman

So… yeah… we couldn’t think of a catchier name for our 6 Picks blog series since taking on Ez and Rhys, so be dears and just roll with it! As always, when it hits this wonderful, majestic, festive time of year (…only a little bit excited), we can’t help but get super crafty and creative. This generally involves a hot glue gun, numerous cups of tea and plenty of Pinterest, so we’ve curated the best design-led Pinterest-sourced Christmas Tutorials to get you inspired.

  1. DIY Christmas Wreath

    Tutorial found at: Martha Stewart Living
    We think Christmas Wreaths are such an amazing statement to make on your front door. The bolder the better! We like our Christmas wreaths to represent parts of our personality or bits and pieces we love; a bit of a tricky aesthetic to find on the high street so the logical option is to make you own! We love this Christmas Wreath from Martha Stewart; assembled from bottle brush trees, miniature houses and scale models and figurines. This is such a great starting point and can be so easily customised…yuletide dinosaur theme? No probs! Star Wars at Christmas theme!? Sorted! Just invest in a hot glue gun, buy a plain wreath from the likes of eBay and raid your house for suitable embellishments.
  2. DIY Wrapping Paper

    Tutorial found at: Ruffled
    We love (and we mean LOVE) a bit of marbling at designdough. It’s so on trend at the moment and we’ve definitely seen it creeping into print and layout design over the past few months. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean your presents have to be decorated with reindeer and snowmen – try marbling your own paper with any enamel or oil based paint you have on hand. Cheap nail varnish is a great paint option due to the array of colours and finishes you can get. Metallics FTW!
  3. DIY Himmeli

    Tutorial found at: Mr. Kate
    Originating in Finland, Himmeli are really big right now. If you’re wondering what the hell we’re talking about; you know those really cool geometric sculptures that are popping up in shops such as Urban Outfitters? Well it turns out they’re really easy to create and they make beautiful Christmas decorations, either hanging around your room or on your Christmas tree. All you need is some thin wire or nylon and some metal or plastic tubes; then assemble, paint or leave them plain and hang. B-e-a-u-tiful! Follow Mr. Kate’s tutorial at the link above.
  4. DIY Leather Gift Tags

    Tutorial found at: Brepurposed
    There’s something so lovely about a gift or swing tag that you WANT to keep. Certain brands use really high quality processes and materials on their tags that makes these often throw-away pieces of packaging collectible. To turn your presents into works of art, think about custom making your gift tags with different type of materials. The tutorial above uses leather and glitter to great effect.
  5. Pom Pom Christmas Tree Topper

    Tutorial found at: Sugar and Cloth
    Pah! Stars and angels are SO LAST YEAR! 2016 is the year of the pompom and quite rightly so (we may or may not have just made that up). Not every Christmas tree should look the same, so make yours stand out with this kitsch tree topper from Sugar and Cloth. It’s really easy to make and a super relaxing craft to get stuck in to infront of the tv with a brew. Why stop at pompoms for the top of the tree!? Pompom baubles are just as easy and satisfying to make! Check out this tutorial from The Crafty Swedes.
  6. DIY Mason Jar Snowglobe

    Tutorial found at: Landeelu
    This idea caught our James’ eye! Mason jars can be quite pricey though so why not consider repurposing some old lightbulbs to the same effect? Our studio is full of edison bulbs, and frankly once they’re burnt out, they’re way too pretty to throw away. This craft would be the perfect way to recycle at Christmas and be left with decorations that could last a lifetime. Pick up vintage looking bulbs from eBay for a fraction of the usual price.
  7. DIY Christmas Room Spray

    Tutorial found at: Swoonworthy
    You know that instant festive feeling when you smell someone peeling an orange? No? Only us!? Okay then… We love this idea of making your own room fragrance, especially if you’re not fan of burning candles or oil burners. Plus, no nasty chemicals – just vodka! Perfect for masking the smells left over from our Bacon-and-veggie-sausage-Fridays…
  8. DIY Christmas Sangria

    Tutorial found at: Halfbaked Harvest
    Do we really need a reason for leaving a Christmas sangria recipe here!? If you’re sick of the usual mulled-wine offering then this should be right up your street. We may just make this for our studio-Christmas-do!