Shaping Brands... a Philosophy

Creative thinking. Considered design. Efficient Strategy. Shaped brands.

We productively define our clients’ brand personalities, no matter how simple or layered, by first immersing ourselves in their worlds; experiencing the culture, themes, voices, colours and sounds, and really getting to grips with what they’re saying (and aren’t saying). Our talent then lies in interpreting all that information into a beautiful, concise and evocative ‘visual package’ that is easy to understand and deliver.

We believe in interactivity and inspiring creative thought and play. In the simplest example, we have styled our studio to fully represent this; from custom-made lighting to homemade recycled pallet standing desks, to our Billiard Room for break times. Our studio isn’t just a workspace; it’s an extension of our brand ethos, us as a team and the immersive quality of our process.

We shape brands.

Our Process




What is a brand shaper?


  1. An intuitive person who skilfully and carefully sculpts visual identities and personas through the gathering of pertinent information from a specific source.
  2. A meticulous individual with a strong attention to detail and an appreciation of superior design.
  3. One who knows how to harness their creativity and direct it towards problem-solving and effective communication.



How do we Shape a Brand?

The first step when Shaping a Brand is to fully get to know the client; their wants, dreams, aims, aspirations, fears, strengths and weaknesses. This is more than just how a person or business looks, its about how they feel, how they communicate and how they WANT to be seen.

You know when you speak to someone on the phone who you’ve never met before, and just through listening to the tone of their voice and how they speak, you generally form a picture of how they look in your head? This may turn out to be completely wrong, but the significance is that we are visual creatures and we like to relate words to images in order to understand them better.

Shaping Brands is no different in this respect. Instead, we craft both the tone-of-voice and the visual in order to convey the ideal message; that being, exactly what it is our client wants to say.

Beautiful design needs to be backed up with meaningful content; messages with integrity that are easy to believe, trust and buy in to. This is what makes Shaping Brands, our overall process, different. We see brands as living, breathing things with their own personalities, voices, beliefs and appearances – we’ve made it our job to nurture these, help them grow and establish a supportive and collaborative relationship with them, so if they happen to run into trouble or are unsure where to turn, they can always return for advice and guidance about the next steps forward.

Our Services

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