An April Snapshot

Our April has been SUPER SOCIAL, with our 10th birthday, meeting new clients, working together to freshen up our studio, launching our new brand and website, and generally feeling like we’re kicking ass. We’re not ones to rest on our laurels though – we’re keeping April’s momentum going for as long as we can and we’ve got some exciting marketing projects in the pipeline!

We don’t normally like to brag, but we’re also really proud that we’d had an Honourable Mention on and Super Kudos on for our website design, AND we’ve been shortlisted for the Cardiff Business Awards 2016 in the Creative and Digital category. Really exciting times.

Joe also wrote a heartfelt blog post telling the designdough story – check it out if you’ve got a spare 15. It certainly doesn’t glamourise starting your own business, but it does give you a realistic view, and hopefully one that people will be encouraged by.

Our studio has had a bit of a revamp too – Joe created bespoke lighting for our board room and pool room, James built a breakfast bar for the kitchen, and Fran and Abi ditched the dreaded Magnolia and gave the whole room a new lease of life. Alice and Owen produced a wall mural to mark our 10th birthday, and in typical designdough fashion we’ve been busy chopping up pallets and upcycling unique items to match our brand. Our current favourite things are our eight charity shop lamps that we bought for the bargain price of £30, spray painted them matt black, added Edison bulbs and had them dotted around the studio for our party for a bit of atmospheric lighting. We love them so much that they’re staying put as permanent studio features!