An August Snapshot

August has been a month of intense work, proactive planning and amazing celebrations. We’ve had two studio birthdays in August  – TWO! Joe celebrated his on the 3rd with some quality age-related banter and a hamper of Italian food, and Abi indulged in some vegan rocky-road and mini table-tennis on the 17th for hers. So with the team now slightly poorer, Joe offered to feed us all at a pizza party at his gaff so he could put his outdoor pizza oven through its paces – this resulted in quite a few serious hangovers and a smashed shed window (Owen!), but you can’t deny that we know how to have a good time.

Ez has been with us for a full month now and he’s fit in so well and worked so hard that we decided to keep him! You can’t have him, he’s ours! He’s now a full time member of the team and his pool skills have already improved immensely, plus he’s a dab-hand at After Effects so you well may notice a few more moving elements around our social media and website. Yet another new skill-base added to our team that we’re so excited to extend to our clients!

As well as travelling around what seems like the whole of Europe this month, Alice has already started on the new edition of the Distinctive magazine for PA Black – that girl is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to layout design! Fran has been working tirelessly on getting several big web projects live over the past few weeks and has used her downtime to hunt Pokemon…if you see a petite blonde aimlessly wandering around the Bay staring at her phone then please return her to the studio.

Owen got back from Greenman with a mild case of the blues but a stunning festival programme for us to drool over! We really can’t fault that visual identity. He’s been working on a project close to his heart recently, utilising his Welsh language and design skills combined – stay tuned for that release, it’s set to be stunning. Abi is also working on an exciting print project with the designers which will be released at the end of September so you should see that popping up around Cardiff and beyond soon.

In other news, we managed to polish off 3kg of Haribo jelly-beans in about a week so we think we’re in need of a detox, at least before Christmas rolls around and we start snaffling EVERYTHING in sight and the mince pie challenge rears its ugly head…