An October Snapshot

We write this at the very start of November (…okay, we’re a few days out) and frankly can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by. We’ve been booked solid since late July and it doesn’t look like the enquiries and new projects will slow down even heading in to December. What can we say!? We love it! October has been the start of many a new brand and we’re champing at the bit to sign them off so we can show you (and show off a little bit). We’re really excited about what we’ve been creating over the past few months. Including the new and highly praised cultural event we’ve brought into our workspace to help smooth the creative process – forget Agile Workflow Methodologies, we present; ‘Bacon (and vegetarian sausage) Friday’.

Whilst bossman Joe took some well deserved time off in Greece (and ate chips on the beach EVERY DAY), the rest of the team manned the designdough fort and made sure Rhys was settling in well by taking him to the pub for a beer and a burger (we know how to treat our staff well!). Rhys also showed off his mad drumming skills when he brought in his Aerodrums for us all to see – if you haven’t seen these things before, definitely check out some of the videos at Aerodrums, very very cool! Alternatively, if you want to see Rhys doing his thang in a very suave pair of sunglasses then check out our instagram feed.

Halloween saw a mixture of different responses from our team, with Fran dressing up at the Cheshire Cat, Rhys as Ryan Gosling in Drive and Abi hiding in her house with all the lights off for fear of a Killer Clown resurgence. Whilst we were in the Halloween spirit, we wrote a blog post on one of the most disturbing topics in web design today; the FOLD. Check it out here for some friendly advice on how to get over your fears.

As the resident designdough birthday cake maker, we celebrated Alice’s birthday in true Bake Off fashion with gifts of vintage baking gear and some very interesting contraptions called Levoons – Alice saw them and fell in love (strange girl) so we couldn’t resist getting them for her birthday. That was then followed by James’ big day, so to satisfy him and his tapeworm ‘Jumbo’, we had to get him a hamper of swanky foodstuffs from a certain up-market food hall. Oh yeah, and we also hid his phone from him for a full day and he didn’t realise until he was getting in his car to go home…haha, we’re funny!

In other news, the Awen website was launched with great success and we love the colourful simplicity of it. You can check it out here. It’s been a fantastic brand and website to work on, especially furthering the amazing work that Awen do in helping to make people’s lives better by providing space and opportunity for communities to enjoy vibrant cultural experiences that inspire and enhance their sense of wellbeing.

Talking of cultural experiences, the team stopped by Tactile Bosch’s exhibition, The Garden of Earthly Delights, on one of our lunchtime strolls – it was wonderful to see one of our favourite derelict buildings in The Bay be utilised and to be honest, it was great to have a nose inside. The exhibition is on until 20th November so be sure to stop by and have a ganders if you’re nearby.

Not sure if you heard, but together with our friends at Codeworks, we’ve all put together a snazzy little app that takes care of the dreaded Secret Santa admin. It’s on the Appstore and Google Play NOW so go and download it. You can also visit the website here, especially if you want to check on how many days, hours, minutes and seconds it is until Christmas Day (*panic sets in*).

To take your mind off the C-word, we’ll leave you with a little riddle (one of many) that Alice challenged us with during October…

I travel around the world, but I’m always in the corner. What am I?

Answers on a postcard (Rhys smashed this in about 2 seconds but the rest of us couldn’t guess it for toffee…doesn’t bode well)