April Moodboard

April is the cruellest month, they say! Well, we beg to differ. April, in fact, has been very kind to us in terms of quotes and tenders won, creative inspiration being at an all-time high, internal processes and organisation being SMASHED, and we’ve got a new team member with an insane talent for print…winning!? Yes, thank you very much.

The past 18 months have involved A LOT of hard graft and we’ve really pulled on our team resources in order to keep delivering the best for our clients, and we’re not ones to brag (no, honestly…), but we’re now seeing that hard work pay off. Without wanting to sound cheesy or condescending to anyone out there, if you currently feel like you’re treading through treacle and not getting anywhere, just keep going – it may be tough, and you may feel like giving in, but you will be rewarded greatly if you just keep on keeping on. Plus caffeine, lots of caffeine.

Some of our current projects on the go include packaging for Asian-inspired savoury treats and authentic spice blends, a brand for an innovative Welsh farm, brand strategy and web design/build for a global healthcare company, magazine art direction for an influential charity and we’re now gearing up to launch the new look ODDDOT who you may remember won our Brand Labs competition last year (keep your eyes peeled for that one).

We’ve been quietly working with ODDDOT in the background in order to realign and reinvigorate their brand for launch this year, and we can’t wait to show you how far they’ve come. We’ll also be launching Brand Labs 2018 soon for the next raft of start-ups to get a chance to win a brand, website and strategy, so stay on the lookout for dates and terms and conditions due to be released over the next few months.

This month has also brought us:

  • An interesting debate regarding what the dial on the front of a toaster actually denotes – time or ‘level of toastiness’? Answers on a postcard, people!

  • The evolution of our ‘Team Choice’ blog series. This month focusses on our favourite subscription box brands, featuring two of our own clients (naturally!), Brushbox and Jack & Amelie.

  • Five more Supreme drops! Rhys copped a typically stylish jumper and it inspired us to research the power of brand in a new blog series. You can check out our take on Supreme’s brand HERE. Any suggestions for other power brands welcome!

  • Alex’s Birthday! We had plenty of fun with a rogue unicorn balloon floating elegantly around the studio and gently consoled Mr Skinner regarding the fact that it’s just a few years to go until the bus pass comes.  

  • Sunshine! Finally! So we decided to celebrate Dan’s first week and Alex ‘Old Man’ Skinner’s b’day with some after work drinks at the rooftop veranda at Cardiff Bay’s finest watering hole (‘Spoons).