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Strategy and structure facilitate creativity.

It’s not as boring as it sounds. We keep our processes sharp to keep our imagination unbounded.

Our Approach

Why is our approach important to us?

As a bunch of creatives, it’s easy to get over-excited about the way something will look. We’re not immune to jumping the gun when a juicy project comes through the door. But when we take a step back, and stick to our tried and tested plan of action, the result is so much richer. Our five-step process looks at the Who, the What, and the Why first, before we tackle the How. It doesn’t restrict us, it just allows us to explore and create with focus. Most importantly, it gives the client exactly what they need and more.



We start by listening. To you, your goals, where you’re going and what you need. We get to know you and understand you. We dig deeper, we ask questions, we learn about the good bits and the bits that need improvement. You let it all out and we take it all in.



Here’s where we decipher all the information we’ve been given. Once we’re clear on your objectives, we put a plan together. We research, we analyse, and together, we start to refine your purpose, craft your vision, and outline how you’re going to get there.



Next, we translate these plans, words, and goals into visual concepts. We get cracking on initial designs, we start prototyping, we commence building. This is where everything comes to life. We design, develop, and refine until we have a beautiful and informed outcome that says everything you want it to say and does everything you want it to do. Often more.



Once everything is finalised, we give you the tools to launch your new brand, website, or campaign confidently. We have a comprehensive handover process and supply training where necessary. One small step for designdough, one exciting leap for our client.



After project reflection and feedback, we’re in maintenance mode. We’re always on the other end of the phone or email and encourage long-lasting relationships that last far beyond our first project together.

We apply our approach to all of our services.

Our Services