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Brand Labs

Our annual
Welsh startup competition

What is Brand Labs?

The chance to win a brand package worth £15,000

Every year, we hold a competition called Brand Labs. It’s a chance for one Welsh startup (for-profit or not-for-profit) to win a complete brand package worth £15,000. That’s everything from a brand identity to a bespoke website and social media launch campaign.


[Please note — the competition is now closed for 2021]

Why do we do it?

Brand Labs is our chance to give back to the Welsh community that enabled us to grow and thrive. designdough was born from a spare bedroom in the heart of Cardiff, with nothing but drive and faith powering it. Other businesses took a chance on us, and now it’s our time to take a chance on other businesses.


Because when it comes to business, we understand how hard it can be to just, well…start. Let alone do everything else (a lot of the time, by yourself).

As designers, we were already equipped with the tools to brand ourselves in the way we wanted to from the beginning — and it gave us a real boost. But not everyone has the opportunity to do this until way down the line. That’s where we can come in.


Plus, we get to meet and be inspired by up-and-coming Welsh businesses. Not to mention the chance to run wild with ideas for an exciting startup that wouldn’t necessarily have the budget or funding for our services otherwise. It’s win-win. And we absolutely love it.

What they say…

Abbie Lawrence

Consumer Insights

Having a team of people believing in you and what you do, so much that they are excited to help you achieve your dream, is beyond motivational. I cannot put into words how I feel about the final result. I am over the moon with the branding and the website design.

Ceri Gillett


I never had any fear about handing over the reins to the designdough team. I would have let them do the whole thing with me blindfolded. That’s the difference when you work with a team like this — they understand me and they understand the business.