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What we mean

We define ‘brand’ as this; your personality and people’s perception of your personality.


Basically, it’s more than a business with a nice logo. Because it’s not enough to just look the part these days. People can see through that by now. If your tone of voice doesn’t say ‘playful’ then people won’t think you are. If your customer experience is lazy then people certainly won’t think quality is important to you.


You see, your brand is the entire picture. It can only truly succeed if you know what you want to say and how you’re going to say it. If you’re living and breathing what you believe in. And finally, if people buy into it (which they will, if you consider ‘brand’ as more than looks alone).


Don’t get us wrong, when it comes to business, looks are important. But they have to be backed up by purpose, values, and an established set of guidelines to really be a brand.

What we do


When we work on a brand, we cover everything. We help you discover your true purpose and personality. We act as a sounding board for you to fine-tune your offering. And we design a jaw-dropping identity that says everything you need it to say. That’s everything from brand naming (should you need it), to brand strategy (your brand personality bible — equipped with your mission, vision, values, and tone of voice), and your brand visuals (logo, brand guidelines, collateral, and stationary).

Why we do it


The fact is, consumers want and need more these days. Once upon a time, a ‘good enough’ logo and business card would have done the trick. But now we have the means and the forums to tell our audiences more about ourselves. Connect with them on a deeper level. Assure them that the business or organisation they’re investing their time and money in is worthwhile. We’re a demanding species, aren’t we? But can you blame us — there’s so much out there for us to consume. It’s a sea of sameness. Finding a standout brand that speaks our language is a beautiful thing.


The people involved

Joe Brown
Joe Brown
Managing Director
Sam Jones
Sam Jones
Senior UI/UX Designer
Ryan Everett
Ryan Everett
Senior Brand Designer

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