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What we do (and don’t)


Instead of starting with what we are, let’s start with what we aren’t. We aren’t animators (think Pixar) and we aren’t videographers (see our homepage banner video). But we are motion-ers. It doesn’t have the same ring to it, but basically, we make graphics move. We make logos dance and type twist. We make showreels showy. We make marketing campaigns fluid instead of flat. We give brands energy.

Why we do it


Motion graphics get your message across in a way that still imagery simply cannot. It’s no secret that we find movement engaging and digest information faster when it’s not static. You’d probably find this way more engaging if it was in video form. We missed a trick there, didn’t we? Ultimately, motion graphics can help build excitement, convey critical messages and boost engagement like nobody’s business.


The people involved

Ryan Everett
Ryan Everett
Senior Brand Designer
Sam Jones
Sam Jones
Senior UI/UX Designer
Joe Brown
Joe Brown
Managing Director

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