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What we do


Boy do we have a soft spot for a packaging project. When it comes to packaging, we keep three things in mind; function, beauty, and purpose. And we don’t let one get in the way of the other. To do this, we get to know your product, brand, and customers inside out. We ask the right questions. We do the right research. And then we get creative. We create something special that works, but that your customer won’t want to throw away. Then, when it comes to sourcing and pricing effective materials, printing needs, and added extras (like embossing, UV finishes, and stamps), we can put you in touch with our most trusted suppliers.

Why we do it


We all know the importance of first impressions when it comes to retail. Shelf-appeal can often be the deciding factor between choosing one product over another. Because your packaging isn’t just a vessel for your product — it’s the beginning of your brand experience. Beautifully designed packaging can have a profound effect on the way someone feels about you, even before they try what’s inside the box, bottle or bag. It gives them an insight into who you are and what you believe in. Are you accessible? Sustainable? Classy? Daring? Premium? Quirky? It’s all in the design. And it speaks volumes.


The people involved

Joe Brown
Joe Brown
Managing Director
Ryan Everett
Ryan Everett
Senior Brand Designer
Sam Jones
Sam Jones
Senior UI/UX Designer

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