Our quest for a junior designer is now over having asked Dan to join us, making us a team of 9. Teamwork is at the core of what we do and we welcome him to our design-team just in time to get stuck into our super busy 2018 plans going forth, full of new brand and web projects as well as our own marketing efforts.

Dan joins us from the local creative hotbed of Cardiff School of Art and Design but has relocated from his native Bristol. We were genuinely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of quality portfolios and applicants we saw but were just blown away by Dan’s approach to typography and creative editorial and print layouts. A big thank you to everyone who applied and was interviewed – the calibre was amazing and has made us so excited for the future of Welsh design.

Here are a few words from the man himself about his first week:


“This has been a crazy few weeks! Everything has changed for me; I’m back living in a city that I love, I’ve moved into my first non-student place, living with people that I only met a week or so ago and, most importantly, I’ve started my new job at designdough.

I must admit, I was feeling fairly nervous, yet incredibly excited on my first day. However, as the week went on, I gradually started relaxing and felt more like a member of the team. From day one, the team have been amazing. They’re clearly hugely talented… and completely mad! I can’t say I predicted the giant unicorn balloon or what was in Alex’s birthday card, but I’m already loving being a part of this great team; they all seem like a group of friends, not just colleagues.

The work’s also been fun. It’s been an awful lot to get my head around and I think I’m still adjusting to the studio’s way of working, but I’ll get there! Everyone has been VERY busy. It’s been great to be able to just turn around and see people working on things and to be able to ask for help/opinions when I need to (and vice versa). It is all SO different to working independently on my own design projects… I’m loving it. Bring on next week.”