Some of you I may have already spoken to, but if not, Hi! I’m designdough’s latest addition, James N (not to be confused with our talented designer, James Rothwell). I know, it’s a little confusing – both of us look up whenever our name’s called.

I’ve joined Rhys, expanding the Development team, and although I’m a new addition to the agency, I’m already well acquainted with the team and even some of our existing clients. I started my dev career over 2 years ago at Codeworks, who regularly worked with designdough on various sites and projects, including last year’s Secret Santa App. Since then I’ve worked on a whole range of products, from small sites, mobile and desktop applications to a large SaaS product for a Cardiff based startup, which has all honed my skills and knowledge, all of which I bring to designdough.

So, what have I been working on since I started here? Well first off, there are a few sites I worked on closely for designdough while at Codeworks, so I was comfortably tasked with completing minor fixes, improvements and updates to those sites ensuring that they’re working seamlessly for our clients. I’ve also dived into the support requests with Rhys, helping on both new and existing sites and making sure that bugs are kept at bay.

Going forward, I’m really excited to be planning new development workflows and infrastructure changes with the rest of the team, in order to streamline and improve our web process, along with ensuring our digital services stay top notch and reliable!