Written by Joe

Everyone, meet Sam!

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Welcome to the gang, Sam!

We have an absolute bucketload for him to get up to speed on and we’re so happy to bring him into the fold ready for our super busy plans for the rest of 2018.


Here are a few words from the man himself:

Hey! Welcome to my blog post – I’m Sam Pulman; junior web developer, mountain biking snowboarder, and the new guy that’s taking up one of the premium desk space’s under the designdough roof!


I am beyond ecstatic about getting a position here at designdough. I’ve come direct from completing a Computing BSC at the University of Worcester, where I have studied a multitude of technologies during my three years there. The worry was that I never really fit into the whole silently-code-away lifestyle, and wondered if I was ever really gonna enjoy a coding environment. After my first interview during the job search, the stereotypical workplace that I was worried about was confirmed, and the idea that I would have to work somewhere like that in order do this job really set in.


But then came designdough, and right from the moment I met with Joe, James R and James N, I was excited at the prospect of getting a position here. They ripped that idea of that ‘stereotypical workplace’ right out of my mind! The vibe from the guys was both creative and relaxing, and the environment matched perfectly. For a solid week, I called the agency everyday asking for an update after the interview…they probably weren’t best pleased but it seemed to do the trick because I was offered the position!


SO! Back to what I do here. I work alongside the insanely talented James Newman building fun tech, and I really have been thrown into a whole new world compared to University. The tech is at the bleeding edge, the products that we get to build are constantly new and fresh, and the pressure is real!


My first week has consisted of taking in an insane amount of information on about how the system for development works here, along with best practices in the tech world, and learning when lunch time is. Being my first step in this industry, I’ve had a whole lot of stuff to learn, and have been assigned the job of building a client’s website to get me to grips with things. The system works really well, and I’ m amazed how thorough the development environment is. It enables us to rapidly build dynamic, wonderfully-fresh websites which are drawn up by the design team and I love it! (Even if it was a bit daunting at first!)


The whole team at designdough has really put out a warm welcome and been incredibly supportive. I already feel at home. Plus, the choice of either chucking on my headphones, or listening to some of the most, hmm, interesting conversations, really does make the place a joy to be in, and a team I am incredibly proud to be a part of. I cannot wait to see where this goes!