We recently gave a goodbye salute to our Full Stack Web Developer, Rhys Saunders, who moves on to pastures new. Over his years at designdough, Rhys established himself as an ambassador, man-about-town, musician, adventurer & web developer deluxe in the designdough team, and as well as his fierce stack knowledge, Rhys brought some mad swagger to the studio on the daily. 


In his time with us, Rhys made WordPress his canvas and launched many thoughtful and beautifully responsive websites. He helped us to look at development differently, and adopted our process but still managed to make it his own, adding new sparkle and movement to the design mix in order to make static designs come alive on our screens. 


Rhys was also our main music maestro, responsible for dropping the widest array of music genres a human brain can handle, including keeping us updated with the latest Reddit hip-hop news and Yeezy goings-on. With a keen eye for photography, Rhys has always shot the most pictures of the team in their natural habitat.


We wish you the best in your new role dude and no doubt will see you about very soon. Once a designdough team member, always a designdough team member. The studio won’t be the same without you.


On that note, we’ll leave on a few tips and tricks for Rhys’ new colleagues:


  1. Embrace his eclectic music taste and knowledge and NEVER say you ‘hate’ a musician…even if they’re genuinely crap.

  2. If you ever need any cat gifs or Bants London videos, he’s your man.

  3. Respect the brands Supreme and Palace (and respect the fact that there may be packages from the two brands turning up daily)

  4. Thursday at 11am GMT is a sacred time.

  5. Buy the man a pint of quality craft ale from time to time

  6. Take him to Clwb and MARVEL at the dance moves!

  7. Always look your best because HE IS ALWAYS TAKING PHOTOS.

  8. Please god, have a good stash of coffee on hand at all times.