January ’19 Moodboard

Hey, has anyone seen January? It feels like we’re always blabbing on about how fast time goes, but seriously, where did it go?!

New Year’s resolutions can be a bit of a controversial topic and we totally get it; all too often we can set unrealistic goals for ourselves, obsess over this idea of ‘change’ and forget how to live in the present. That being said, things tend to get so hectic around Christmas and the New Year just feels like a natural fresh start; a chance to reflect on how far we’ve come, take in where we are, and look towards the future with a positive mindset (apparently we’re life Gurus now).
So here we are, one month into 2019 and one month in our brand new studio, buzzing about what’s ahead of us this year.

But back to January, it flew by but it was bloody busy!

We’d love to tell you the studio is finished but alas, we’re still putting our stamp on it. We’ve already grown to love it here, it just needs a bit of designdough flava, ya know? If there’s one thing we’ve come to realise this month, it’s that we’ve really grown as a company and team, and we want our space to reflect that.

Simply put, January has been all systems go in the best way possible. We’ve continued to work with some awesome clients and started fresh projects, huge and small, that have us chomping at the bit to get started. From toothbrushes to food and drink, from comms to sport… we can totally confirm that variety really is the spice of life.

Other than that, January saw us loving: new staff, reusable coffee cups, discovering new music, YOU on Netflix, Strepsils, dungarees, long chats about the dark web leaving us terrified, cupcakes from The Deck, Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen and a lot of baby talk! With two new parents-to-be in the team, everything just feels that little extra bit special this year.

All we can say is: Jan, you had us inspired. Feb, let’s ‘ave you!