July Moodboard

It’s all change again for designdough…

July has been a funny old month; our James went off to have his ankle operated on (ouch!), Owen scooted off to Portugal (Lucky!) AND we introduced Alex to the fold as our new administrator (Yay!) so as always, the studio has been a hive of activity and hustle and bustle. Alex has arrived at the perfect time as we’re currently working on our next Journal release as the first was such a success. We got to reach out to loads of new people and of course, it was a great showcase for the start of Brand Labs.

Speaking of which, we had the best time shortlisting and interviewing start-ups, but we definitely made it hard for ourselves by picking three exceptional businesses to grill! In the end, our shortlist consisted of Odddot; a Cwmbran-based contemporary furniture and lighting company, BibaDo; an innovative and exciting company about to launch the first catch-it-all, cover-all baby bib (genius!) and the lovely Outpost Coffee and Vinyl; already an institution in Cardiff and set for big and beautiful things. After meeting with everyone, we were so so torn, and we’re not even saying that to be nice; we genuinely thought we’d be able to make a decision straight away but each business had its own outstanding character, strengths and ambition.

After a lot of deliberating and ummm-ing and ahhh-ing, we went with our hearts and chose Odddot. We found Paul and Mags’ integrity and love of true craftsmanship truly inspiring; seeing how Paul so excitedly talks about his latest designs and how passionate Mags is about the business and it’s future growth, really energised us. Their ambition reminded us of our own and we knew by picking them, and helping them along with their brand, they would be unstoppable.

So this is where it all starts – the next steps are to get Mags and Paul in for our brand workshop process – working through the business with them so we can get a true sense of their culture in order to form the structure and visual for the future. We can’t wait and of course, we’ll be keeping you updated along the way.

We do want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that entered for Brand Labs or even just showed an interest in our Journal – we love connecting with new people and can’t wait to see how we can further this with the next journal and of course, the next round of Brand Labs! Stay tuned…

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