Whether we’re designing a brand, business card, or a website, we always strive to create the most concise piece of work we can, summarising a company’s brand values into a single symbol or logo.

Sometimes the ‘less is more’ principle is much easier to understand when it’s not related to design. Imagine visiting a foreign country and needing to ask for something specific – instead of trying to long-windedly babble in English with the hope someone might understand you, a point in the direction of something similar or to a related image would be much more effective.

We like to think of design like this. How can we get our message to the masses in the quickest and most concise way?

The benefit of simple design is definitely prominent in the digital age, with phones being small, and the space for an app icon being the size of a fingerprint.

So next time you’re thinking about cramming in extra copy or images, consider communication. Think: Is this necessary in order to get my message across?