March Moodboard

March, over and out.

So…The Beast from the East turned out not to be as mythical and elusive as expected, eh? That monster hit hard, even to the point that the doors of designdough HQ froze shut on the first Friday of March, meaning that the team ended up working remotely, but still managed to spend some time chucking ourselves into piles of snow while it lasted.

As you may have seen from our previous blog post – we took part in this years gofod3 exhibition! We have to admit that we were a little bit nervous – this is the first exhibition we had taken part in, in a while. Thankfully, our nerves were completely unfounded and absolutely everyone we encountered on the day was so lovely and really receptive to what we had to say about brand, marketing and design. It was truly a fantastic experience. This has made us want to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and try things that we wouldn’t usually do, more often.

Our Alex spent some time at Rabble Studio and was able to stop by for a wonderful happy hour session with illustrator Ben Tallon, which he thoroughly enjoyed. The Rabble lot are doing wonders with their space and have a range of amazing creative events coming up – click here for the schedule. We’re so inspired to connect with even more with our fellow independents and keep up with the great things our growing city has to offer. Some highlights this month have been: the jam doughnut flavoured beer at Tiny Rebel, St Canna’s Alehouse, Puckin’ Poutine, Anna Loka, The Globe, Sunflower&I (who very kindly let us sample a bag of their delicious Polish coffee…which conveniently leads us on to…)

It’s no secret that designers…and perhaps the majority of humans in the world today are fueled by coffee, and designdough are certainly no different. This is why, on his quest to find the PERFECT cup of takeaway coffee, our James has taken it upon himself to taste test and score the various cappuccinos on offer around Cardiff Bay. This highly scientific study will culminate in a rigorously researched (and beautifully designed) coffee map of the Bay, and we may or may not decided to share it with you…depends on how kind we’re feeling!

We have an absolute bucket-load of exciting projects on the horizon and we’ve seen some glorious brands starting their journey with us this month too. To add to this flurry of excitement, we’ll soon be bringing another team member into the fold so stay tuned for that. We can’t wait!