A March Snapshot

This March has been high octane! Tying up loose ends, finishing projects, making some really exciting plans and working on some amazing new brands.

It’s coming up to our 10th birthday soon, which marks a huge achievement for designdough as a team and a business. We’re gearing up for a bit of a celebration at the end of April so we’re currently discussing the very important matter of how to decorate the studio; Abi is flying the black and gold colour-scheme flag but she’s been met with resistance so far. We’re also discussing how fancy to go with canapés – will a Gregg’s sandwich platter suffice? Or should we go for an M&S party selection!? The choices!

Talking of Gregg’s – we’ve now got one in the Bay so our waist-lines are expanding rapidly. James ate a pizza AND a baguette today!

Owen has been busy working away on our studio photography in order to update our portfolios, and Fran has done an incredible job of ensuring all of our web projects have been running smoothly, including one which is VERY close to our hearts (no pressure Fran!).

Joe has been to the big smoke for meetings with one of our London clients, and has also been mentoring some amazing University of South Wales students with portfolio workshops and critiques.

Keep your eyes peeled for Tuesday, as we’ll be launching something very special (we’re very excited!)