May Moodboard

We’re having a heatwaaave! A tropical heatwaaaave…and then it rained.

The weather has been as erratic, to say the least, yet projects have remained steady and bountiful; just how we like them! We cannot wait to show you what we’ve been cookin’ up in the designdough kitchen and we’ve got plenty of portfolios coming up to whet your appetite. With Dan Bird in the print-mix, we’ve all upped our game in terms of colour palettes and visuals and are challenging our design styles on the daily. Oh yeah, and did you see that sample drop from G.F. Smith!? Dayummmmmn! 

As you MAY have noticed, we’ve been gearing up for this years’ BRAND LABS competition which dropped today at 10am! Applications are now officially open and we’re looking for the next raft of vibrant, innovative and exciting start-ups to work with – more info hereLast year’s winners, ODDDOT, were an absolute dream to work with and together, we were able to collaborate on a brand and web presence that’ll see them well into the future. If you’re interested in seeing more about that project,check out our ODDDOT portfolio here.

In other news, Alice jetted off to Michigan (and the famous Zingerman’s deli), and Alex has left us for 3 WEEKS (!!!) to travel to Canada. Together, the whole team at designdough could write their own Lonely Planet guide to travel, just featuring more pubs and food establishments…

Vicky from Cocoa Therapy dropped by to celebrate the brand’s 1st birthday and brought treats in tow. As is tradition, they lasted an entire 2 minutes (adequate Instagram photo shoot time) before being swooped on by the team (likened to a flock of manic Cardiff seagulls) and decimated. Really, this is just testament to how good these chocolates really are (and how we have absolutely NO self-control).

This month has also brought us:

  • An exciting refresh for an ethical cosmetics brand

  • Beautiful magazine layouts designed by Alice and Dan

  • A wall mural for a fellow creative agency

  • The dreaded GDPR (blog dropping on keeping afloat of GDPR as a small business very soon!)

  • A refreshed brand for an long-standing client