November Moodboard

November is such an exciting month for us at designdough as it’s when our Christmas plans really start to take shape. No Christmas songs as of yet, but plenty of Christmas Crafting (ready to launch mid-December – stay tuned!) AND Christmas Sandwiches. We’d also like to commend Gregg’s on their Christmas Dinner Soup – quite frankly a revelation!

As part of our Christmas release, we’ll also be sending out our new journal – currently in the making, which will focus solely on our love of print! As part of it, we visited Printhaus in Canton this month for an amazing screenprinting workshop and a great insight into how we could develop our designs in a more painterly way with mixed media – so. much. fun! If you’re interested in seeing the results, keep an eye out for the new journal which will be popping up around Cardiff in various locations.

We’d like to give an extra-special shout out this month to one of our clients, Vicky from Cocoa Therapy. If you haven’t had a look at Vicky’s instagram…then what are you playing at!? YOU CAN FIND IT HERE. Her feed is the most vibrant and delicious thing EVER and we’re super proud that this epically talented lady is one of our clients. She recently visited Las Vegas for an intensive chocolatier course with her idol, Melissa Coppel and has been absolutely SMASHING her newly inspired creations since. We’re currently working with Vicky on her bespoke packaging which will launch VERY SOON and will also feature in our journal so if you’re after a sneak peek, then be sure to pick one up!

In other news, you may have noticed a bit of a change around here – yes, we’ve updated and upgraded our website again and we’re really happy with the results. Our new site certainly reflects our bustling ambition and is the perfect showcase for our new raft of portfolios. New projects up on the site include our branding for the deli Loafley, strategy and visual for triathlon brand RÁS and brand, print and web for homeware company Hive (website dropping very soon!) to name a few. We’d love to hear what you think.

We’d also like to extend a big thank you to everyone that applied for our Middleweight Designer job advert. We had an INCREDIBLE response and the creativity shown within the applications sent through email and post was second-to-none. Well done to those of you who were able to pop by the studio to drop off your applications too (extra brownie points!). Applications have now closed and we’ve sent out a cheeky brief to our shortlisted candidates so we’re very excited to check out their responses.

2017 is wrapping up delightfully!