October Moodboard

Happy Halloween…

This is officially the scariest day of the year. Not because of the spate of Pennywise costumes gracing the streets, or even the inflated price of pumpkins, but because it’s now only 55 days until Christmas! Eeeeek! Let’s be honest though, we love Christmas here at designdough – it’s hard not to when you’ve got a boss that insists on starting to pump out the Christmas tunes from November 1st! If anything, it’s a huge part of our culture; making sure the studio is warm, cosy and decorated, preparing for Secret Santa and our EPIC team Christmas buffet, and generally taking more time to reflect on how far we’ve come during the year; our ups and downs and ultimately, what we’ve learnt from it all.

October has been a bitter sweet month for us here; projects are at an all time high and inspiration is running wild, yet this is also the month that has seen us wave goodbye to one of our team; our Owen. Owen started with us back in 2015 and has been part of the life and soul of our studio ever since. From humbly dropping off his portfolio one day in application to a junior designer role we had advertised, he quickly grew into a true asset to the designdough team and an exceptional brand and web designer. Now was the right time for Owen to spread his wings and venture to pastures new, but rest assured that his (incessant) singing and rubbish banter will be truly missed day to day. Yet without getting too soppy, we thought it’d be wise to share some advice with Owen’s new colleagues, for although he is a unique and wonderful creature, he does come with the following safety guidelines, much like Gizmo from Gremlins:

  1. Don’t expect or ask him to share food (ever!)
  2. Tell him his hair is looking really long and luscious on a regular basis
  3. Sing along with him as much as possible, but don’t over shadow him
  4. Don’t ever diss Kanye in front of him
  5. Never rip a chewing gum packet open in front of him (it needs to be “folded for freshness”…apparently)
  6. Never make reference to the fact he isn’t actually Welsh (that accent is all for show)
  7. Occasionally offer to dress him in women’s clothes (he likes it)
  8.  Allow him a decent amount of space when playing pool (he likes to ‘squat into’ his shots)
  9. Give him as many opportunities as possible to dress up in wigs, masks or other fancy dress (and give him room to take shameless selfies)
  10. Treasure him – there is only one Owen Friend and he’s a total legend!

And as one of our team members leaves, another one joins us – and he happens to be a total legend too, one that we’ve known for years and years! James (yes, another James) is our old friend from Codeworks and has joined us as part of our development team and we couldn’t be happier – a perfect fit from the get-go. Plus he rides a motorbike… just sayin’.