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Vicky McDonald, Owner

“I have been utterly impressed with designdough from day one. I was recommended by a friend, who had previously explained her positive experience, alongside the beautiful office space and mutual love of coffee. Of course we would work well together! My initial consultation with Joe was fantastic. He understood me, my work ethic and my product immediately and displayed incredible enthusiasm for the future of my branding. As I’m entering into a very strong, competitive market, we both agreed that my branding would need to be distinctive, original and portray the message that I needed it to. It does exactly that and, through working with his wonderful team, I now have a logo, brand strategy and custom designed packaging that fulfils all of these criteria. I have loved working with designdough, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and will absolutely be returning for future projects… and more wicked strength coffee and a chat.” 

the ambassador for good chocolate

Forget Dairy Milk and Malteasers – you haven’t experienced the pleasure of real, true, quality chocolate until you’ve tried Cocoa Therapy. Taking traditional chocolate making and elevating it into a culinary art form, owner Vicky McDonald had already established a successful Instagram following under her previous brand name but needed to elevate Cocoa Therapy’s offering; making it a stronger market competitor and providing sturdier foundations from which to grow.

Cocoa Therapy is the ambassador for good chocolate; flying the flag for everything it has to offer – creative, sensual, seductive but never naughty. Cocoa Therapy is for the escapist; for the people that appreciate the smaller things and don’t take life too seriously; for those who appreciate quality in all of its guises; for those who relish eccentricity and individuality.

Enabling Ambition to Grow

Through strategic workshops and competitor and market analysis, Cocoa Therapy’s values and vision were laid out, defined and used as the basis for researching the brand visual. Although currently a one-woman show, it was important to Vicky that the brand conveyed something bigger, not just her in her kitchen doing her thing. The vision that Vicky has for Cocoa Therapy is evident through the passion she has for her craft, and this elevates her products into something that isn’t just good, it’s really great! The trick came to creating a brand presence and visual that matched that passion, and enabled ambition to grow beyond the walls of the Cocoa Therapy kitchen.

A condensed sans serif typeface was created for the logo accented by a subtle white drop shadow to add weight and depth. The logotype was created as a contemporary take on the traditional Victorian gaslight style, conveying quality, affluence and pride. This was then coloured with a palette of rich navy blue and copper, with no additional texture added to ensure that the brand remained clean, uncluttered and modern.

luxury and exclusivity

Packaging was designed and developed to work sustainably within Cocoa Therapy’s current set-up and budget – allowing her to receive her custom packaging flat-packed so it could be assembled, stickered and dated as and when needed. Although the contents of the boxes need no elevation, the custom aspect of the sticker and box cut give an insight into the quality and creativity that lays within the box before even opening it, adding a sense of luxury and exclusivity.  

Since adopting her new brand and packaging style, Cocoa Therapy has increased its social media following and sales and has branched into stocking products in popular local shops and boutiques. The future is bright for this brand, with plans of setting up a realised Cocoa Therapy retail unit with space for product creation and innovation.