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I can say, without doubt, that as soon as I met Joe and the team, I knew that my company was in the safest of hands. It’s a very genuine, interesting and sincere process that you go through with designdough. They look for a real understanding and awareness of what your business does and where you want it to be and somehow manage to put all those conversations into a design that answers all those questions. The simplicity, elegance and presence of our new branding is precisely what I didn’t know I wanted before we met. They provided me with a great product and with wonderful service; professional and personal at the same time. Utterly impressed.




Run by florist, Beth Forbes-Simpson, Forbesfield is a boutique flower studio previously based in Cardiff’s Castle Arcade, but now housed in a stunning Garden Studio in the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan. Beth approached us to create a brand that complemented the simple sophistication and style of her arrangements, as well as the industrial yet creative feel of her shop’s desired interior. Forbesfield is not your average brand or florist, so research began by avoiding anything too feminine or ‘delicate’ – instead, the focus was put on vintage packaging and signage, textures such as hard cut metal and worn wood, and industrial colour-ways to contrast with the natural vibrancy of the flowers.



The sophisticated simplicity of the logo became a statement in itself. The entire brand was created to hold its own against the texture and colour-packed flower studio; anything too fussy or ornate would pale in comparison to the natural beauty of the floristry. Refining the brand was more of a matter of selecting the appropriate materials to complement and contrast with the logo, textures of the shop interior and surrounding arcade. Beth had a very clear vision of where she wanted to take Forbesfield that made the client/designer relationship very exciting. Working towards a common goal of creating a clean and bold brand was achieved with a simple identity and type, offset with the organic qualities of the flowers.

Since the rebrand, Forbesfield has floursished into a highly successful business and been featured in the popular Ruffled wedding blog. Beth has adopted the hashtag #weareforbesfield, further reinforcing the brands strength and promise to its customers, and has now opened her very own flower school – teaching wreath making, flower crown creation and even giving brides the experience of creating their own bouquets.