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Kate Gobir - Events & Partnerships Support Officer, WCVA

A massive thanks to all of you that worked on the different elements of gofod3 – the brand development, event guide, map, website, signage. It was such a full-on event to organise and…I’m glad to say that it went fantastically well on the day and loads of people commented on how professional and fresh it looked and felt – mainly thanks to you. We were told that we’ve raised the bar for the sector in terms of events! Woo hoo! Thanks so much for all your friendly and patient support, I really, really appreciate it.



Kate Gobir - Events & Partnerships Support Officer, WCVA

“We started publicising this afternoon and we’ve had loads of positive feedback about the website. Staff absolutely love it and we’ve had lots of positive comments from external organisations who are interested in being involved. In fact we’ve sold 6 exhibition spaces just this afternoon!”


WCVA is a Wales-based supportive body that provides leadership and influence for the third sector, regularly acting on behalf of, and as advocates for voluntary groups when meeting with major decision makers such as Welsh Government.

The beauty of WCVA is that voluntary organisations willingly choose to join its membership programme, now holding well over 3000 members. This is testament to the WCVA’s already stellar brand recognition, quality of service and reputation.





Understanding how much of a critical role they play within the Welsh voluntary sector, WCVA addressed that there was a need for a major networking event to take place to allow third sector organisations to easily communicate, collaborate and celebrate eachother’s work; this event was to be called gofod3.

We were approached to develop the brand strategy, guidelines and visual identity for gofod3 to give a fresh face to the voluntary sector; a platform for charities and third sector organisations to call their own and connect, inspire, celebrate, showcase and meet.




It was vital from the offset that the gofod3 brand could sit comfortably alongside WCVA, but we were given free reign in terms of colour, type and brand personality, so jumped in with both feet and experimented with a full spectrum of colours, shapes, type and tone of voice whilst keeping in mind that this brand represented the coming together and communicating of like-minded people and organisations. We eventually settled on a rich warm colour palette of reds, purples and blues, whilst adopting moving organic shapes to complement the clean and subtly conversational logo.

Gofod3 was launched on 7th March 2017 to great success and a Twitter presence to match, trending within Cardiff, and much of the comments from attendees were based on the vibrancy and uniqueness of the event.


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