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We speak your body language

With the surge of social media as a concept and key marketing tool over the past 10 years, Women have become used to being bombarded with advice dealing with everything from the way they choose to dress, definitions of beauty and even what constitutes a ‘healthy relationship’.

Yet everyday female health issues such as menstruation and menopause remain the ‘unsexy’ topics of conversation, seldom touched on by mainstream media, and often left to the medical community to advise on, generally delivered with a lack of empathy and understanding.


Driving Change

Founded by Gervaise Fay and Kate Bache, two highly successful Brand and Marketing specialists, Health & Her was set up to bridge the gap so apparent on the internet; where accessible and easy to understand information on everyday female health was underpinned by accredited and unbiased medical fact.

This information should be clear, frank and empowering, and should promote the sharing of information to women of all ages and all walks of life in order to encourage openness, honesty and the freeing of embarrassment surrounding menstrual and menopausal matters, not just with women and their partners, but within mainstream media too. This is a case of ‘Be the change you wish to see in the World’


Trustworthy & Supportive

Health & Her needed to become a comprehensive, trusted and dedicated source of unbiased information and advice, and so they needed a brand voice and visual that would empower women to take control of their everyday feminine health and confidently manage their symptoms. Anything that seemed too ‘clinical’ was immediately scrapped in favour a marketable ‘lifestyle brand’ appeal, and tone of voice and strategy points were solidified as empathic, affable and approachable.

The typeface, Montserrat, was altered to increase kerning in order to give a light airiness, and breaks in the letterforms were softened with curves to reflect casual femininity

Colour palettes were selected from nature, using succulents and fruit for fresh inspiration for primary and secondary brand colours, whilst these were grounded with stone grey for use with body text to add a level of sophistication.

Ideas surrounding the use of a + symbol in place of an ampersand were played with, but it was decided that this gave an overly medical and sterile feel to the logo and so a unique ampersand was created instead, reflecting the subtle curves and breaks of the logo’s custom typeface.


A relaxed, caring, supportive and encouraging tone-of-voice is balanced by the brand aesthetic; inspiring trust without being overly medical. The brand can be tweaked with simple, vibrant colour changes to differentiate between audiences or topics, allowing the visual to grow along with the aims and ambitions of the company.

Health & Her was created to make a difference, not only to the women that use their service, but to the way the industry tackles everyday female health issues in general.

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