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Shaun Houcke - Owner

Joe and his team are amazing! As a start-up I approached several brand agencies to help me turn my ideas into reality, none of them give me the sense of confidence & professionalism that I received from designdough. When you are creating a new brand it’s important to get the right people on board, who share the same values as you, Joe and the teams creative process worked with me to get the best results. The whole teams approach to discovering my needs, listening and developing ideas and producing quality deliverables is spot on. I can’t wait to work with them on future projects.



Rituals Redefined

Hive is your favourite mug on a Sunday Morning; the soft light cast by a long-serving reading lamp; the satisfying scratchiness of a pure wool blanket. Hive is the comfort brought about by the consistent, the reliable and the familiar – the best of life.


Hive aims to redefine everyday rituals by curating a collection of practical homeware and furniture items that are functional, beautiful, made to last and a joy to use.


With collections influenced by Scandinavian & Japanese culture, as well as artisan craft and manufacture from across the world, Hive ensure a transparent supply chain, passing on all of the providence and knowledge surrounding a piece to its customers. After all, the materials as well as the vision of the designer who handled them, all have their own separate stories to tell, and for people who care about craft, these stories are important.


Honouring the material. Respecting the maker.

Appreciating the practical. Cherishing the everyday.



Rebelling Against Consumerism


Hive is the vision of owner, Shaun Houcke, and was born due to the belief that consumerism and the intensely quick pace of the modern high-street had muted customers innate appreciation of form, craft, care and skill. Instead of simplicity and informed-choices, we favour impulse purchases and a bargain at any cost. Shaun wanted to set up Hive to act as a sanctuary from modern-day commercialism, and foster an ethos and mind-set that promotes investing in items that are loved, and caring for them to ensure they last a lifetime.


Not only environmentally conscious, but also conscious of the moment (some would call this ‘mindful’ – a particularly fashionable term now), Hive understands that a true appreciation of the everyday is not a skill that everyone innately has, but it is certainly one that can be learnt. Through the brand, Hive encourages its customers, through the relationships built with them in store and online, to celebrate craft, embrace longevity and redefine their understanding of ‘value’.




The brand took inspiration from aspirational design and homeware publications such as Kinfolk, Rum, Design Anthology and Hotel Magazine, adopting a clean, custom sans serif typeface that subtly breaks the word down into its simplest forms, subconsciously freeing the brand of excess clutter; stripping it down to only what’s important. The accompanying icon, an abstraction of Scandinavia as seen from above, acts as a ‘hallmark’ on Hive products (a sign of quality almost) or a frame to contain appropriate imagery within the Hive aesthetic.

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