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Niki Rees, Co-Owner

“From our initial meeting, we found everyone at designdough to be very welcoming and supportive. They were happy to build on our ideas with their knowledge and expertise and created a brand that was reflective of our business ethos and personalities. We would highly recommend the team and wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.”


Niki & Jess – Indah

“Any client that we work with, who trusts our vision and enables us to do what we love, will be treated as more of a valued friend than a patron. Indah is about building meaningful relationships and exceeding client’s expectations.”

indah (adj.)

Indonesian for:

Beautiful . Wonderful . Gorgeous . Divine . Elegant


On separate journeys to Bali, two women met along the way and their friendship, connectedness and shared intuitiveness grew to form INDAH as we know it today.

Indah is events planning with a difference. Born from Niki and Jess’ love of travel, culture and rich life experiences, they seek to create events (wherever they may be based in the world) that beautifully represent their client’s stories.

They sew a tactile tapestry that encompasses the five senses in order to captivate, immerse and engage guests, forming unforgettable memories and celebrating life in all its forms.

Their vision for INDAH is to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. To put the heart back into events planning and to see the process of building an event’s character as completely holistic; drawing on all aspects of the client’s wishes to deliver an experience that is rich, personal, substantial and plays on all five human senses.


Building lasting partnerships

Although Indah is a business, for Niki and Jess, it transcends just that because it enables them to enjoy and further their passion for people and experiences. The design rationale for the brand centred around the creation of three iconic glyphs based on the typographic make-up of the Indah logo, signifying the brand’s strapline; you, me, us. The brand proposition gives a nod to the relationship of the two women that created the company, but also on the relationships of the people they work with, and the connectivity of humans in general.