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Abigail Dymmock | Jack and Amelie Ltd

“We are so grateful to designdough for realising our vision for Jack and Amelie and delivering us such a lovely brand and website. They have utilised all the lovely illustrations from ‘littledoodler illustration’ perfectly and built a brand around them that we are completely in love with. Working with the team has always been so easy and enjoyable they have really understood us and the brand perfectly. James R and James N have been great to work with when we have encountered any bumps to overcome and have taken away the problem and come back with creative and practical solutions. 


What is also so great is that not only do we love the brand but the feedback that we get on the brand is always so positive – our customers and friends love what the team have done with Jack and Amelie just as much as we do!”


As a revolt against the ready-meal options available for young children in supermarkets, and in need of a way to simplify dinner times in their households, Sophie Brown and Abigail Dymmock founded Jack and Amelie; a new children’s frozen food concept aiming to help busy parents whilst encouraging kids to enjoy good healthy food, with taste, texture and variety.

Following maternity leave, Sophie and Abi found the balancing act of home and work challenging; working, parenting, living, and not feeling like they were doing any of it very well, they joined forces when they realised that if they felt this way, then other parents must do too, and so devised a way to create healthy and delicious pre-made food for children that was quick, convenient and full of goodness and flavour.

“Jack and Amelie is all about helping busy families out. We don’t want to preach to parents; we are normal mums just like anyone else. But cooking for your kids is not always practical when you’re really busy, so when you can’t, our products are there to help you out.”


Starting by arranging pop-up shops and frequenting farmer’s markets and street food events to sell their food meant that Sophie and Abi needed a brand that stood out and yet spoke to parents and young families on a personal level. Starting with Sophie and Abi’s original inspiration, their children Jack and Amelie, illustrator Joanna Little was commissioned to create portraits of the pair as well as depictions of fruit, vegetables and animals in her distinct style.

The brand grew from there with a mixture of complementary typefaces, textured backgrounds and a rich colour palette, balanced with a simple distressed roundel logo. The brand was then applied to ‘Winnie’, a beautiful 45 year old vintage Bedford van, that allowed the business to go mobile and became the perfect way to service the fledgling business.


The future of the business revolves around the production, freezing and easy packaging of their recipes for local distribution through subscription boxes, and as with most subscription models, a website is vital to drumming up business and providing a solid base from which to grow. The core values of the J&A brand and website revolve around fun, ease of use, sustainability, providing premium quality, variety and ultimately supporting busy parents, so when it came down to designing and developing the website, it was key that these things remained at the forefront of the rationale.

Jack and Amelie - Food Image


Woocommerce was utilised with various plugins to provide the base for a subscription platform that enables users to set up accounts, check if their postcode is eligible for delivery, customise their billing cycles and hand-pick the products that they would like delivered each month.

As this is such a vibrant and playful brand, the small things that add such personality to the design, such as textured edges on text boxes, had to be developed meticulously to avoid cross-browser bugs, and loading times and data usage were carefully monitored to ensure that incorporated patterns and heavy imagery didn’t slow down the user experience.

The only way is up for the Jack and Amelie brand and we can’t wait to see where Sophie and Abi’s journey takes them; “The dream is to grow. We don’t want to be making it in our own kitchens forever. We want Jack and Amelie to be a brand that both kids and their parents know and trust.”

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