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Both local to the Teifi and Aeron valleys, Richard and Siw Evans bought Llaethliw Estate in 2008 after Richard had been researching the diversification of farming and climate change.

The Llaethliw Estate is cited as one of the inspirations for ‘Under Milk Wood’, after Dylan Thomas paid a visit and was so rich in history and culture that the couple knew that the venture had promise. Following a series of soil tests and drainage schemes, 6500 vines were planted in 2009 and the business began to grow but they needed a brand and packaging in order to successfully sell their product to an already competitive market.



The ship icon was designed to be strong enough to be used separately from the logotype where necessary. Matt milky white (a nod to the literal translation of Llaethliw) and black labels were utilised with a spot UV overlay to bring out the logo and add a distinctive and different shelf appeal. In order to enhance the customer experience and improve ease-of-use, the Llaethliw website was redesigned encompassing the new brand and visual identity, allowing the company to expand its online sales and try out new product lines.

We continue to work with Llaethliw Vineyard on their product labelling, having recently printed the first run of labels for their new Sparkling Wine range.



Richard, Siw and Jac were keen to establish a contemporary style for their brand, but one that also acknowledged the rich history of the Llaethliw Estate and its surrounding area.

Llaethliw translated means ‘the colour of milk’ and is linked to a nearby stream near the River Aeron, whose waters have a whitish appearance like milk. The Llaethliw Estate logo is a simple, upper-case logotype and features an additional ship icon based on the Llaethliw – a 79 Ton schooner built in 1846 at Traethgwyn Beach, New Quay – that carried supplies of coal, lime, wood and slates between local coastal ports.

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