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It’s about more than just food.

Imagine a place that looks as welcoming and homely as it smells; aromas of warm and rich ground coffee mix with freshly baked bread and pastries, all complimented by unpretentious but carefully considered interior décor – the perfect home away from home whether you’re a tourist in Tenby or a local resident.

Loafley is not just another bakery or deli, but a product of time, dedication, care and excellence. Rebelling against the faceless and clinical supermarket experience; they aim to feed, nurture, educate and connect. Their passion is contagious, surroundings cozy and inspiring, and their brand aspirational. Loafley is the friendly smile and hello; remembering a customer’s name and going the extra mile to make someone feel comfortable and catered for; a warm, personable, friendly and conversational presence within the community.



Already owning a successful restaurant, the Moorings, in the area, Sarah and Tom Bolwell felt there was a gap in Tenby’s food provision; somewhere different to the local chain bakeries and supermarkets; an independent hub of quality, offering only the best, locally and sustainably sourced food and drink.

Acting as a prep kitchen for the restaurant, all produce cooked on site at Loafley would then be served to The Mooring’s customers, and in turn, Loafley would give them the chance to take a bit of the restaurant home with them. The two brands together offer more than just food, but a lifestyle choice – an interesting, self-sufficient and cyclical business model with each location working to market its counterpart.

The Perfect Balance

The key to branding Loafley lay in finding the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, contemporary and rustic, and soft and rugged.

A cursive typeface, grounded with a slab serif strapline ensured that the logo didn’t appear too ‘fluffy’ and echoed the business’ values surrounding creativity and experimentation backed with strength and knowledge.

Soft and muted pastels were chosen for the colour palette, loosely expressing the brand’s seaside venue without making it clichéd or typically ‘coastal’. Throughout the whole branding process, the target visual was also one of ‘affordable, approachable quality’ – care and integrity taken in every step of Loafley’s process, whether it be surrounding business or baking.

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