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Meat & Greek first took Cardiff by storm in the Summer of 2014, when they started serving their famous souvlaki to the masses and introducing traditional Greek Cypriot fare to South Wales.



Family BBQs are a regular occurrence in Greek Cypriot culture; the sharing of food is a way to bring everyone together, celebrate the little things and just ENJOY.

As fate would have it, this is where Sophie and Lisandros first had the brainwave of bringing souvlaki to Cardiff.



At the heart of the Meat and Greek brand is a true appreciation for tradition and what has been and will continue to be enjoyed. The use of stone BBQs and skewers dates back to 17th century BC, where excavators found remains of cooks tools on the Island of Santorini.

This all formed the basis for the inception of the first souvlaki shops in Constantinople in 1951, but vendors selling souvlaki as street food harks back to the Byzantine era.


The bringing together of people through food is a key theme throughout Greek tradition, and it was with this premise that Sophie and Lisandros sought to do the same in South Wales.

As word spread and their popularity grew, Meat & Greek realised that they needed a strong visual presence to further their burgeoning business and set them apart as something new, interesting and tantalising – that’s where designdough stepped in. We delivered a clean and subtle set of brand guidelines that were flexible enough to allow the business to grow organically as it needed to, settle comfortably within social media circles and establish itself as a serious player on the street food scene. All this was underpinned with a strong sense of family and culture so evident within the Greek Cypriot community.



2 years on and we still work closely with Lisandros and Sophie, having just designed, developed and launched their new website featuring their upcoming events, corporate and wedding catering availability and growing press cuttings.

A fantastic success story that is sure to continue – KUDOS!

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