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Natalie B. Facebook Review

“Received my pro planner today and it is absolutely insane!!! From the colour to the way it feels, to the design of the pages, it’s just absolutely fabulous!!

From the Police force to network marketing

It was through networking marketing that the idea for My Pro Planner was born; Emma and Lisa, work colleagues turned best friends, decided to leave the police force where they had spent most of their career and try their hand at network marketing in order to add some more flexibility and control into their family lives.

With their personal businesses booming, they needed a tool that could help them to juggle work, life and family whilst keeping on top of their growing team numbers and targets. Together, they utilised all they knew about their industry and launched “My Pro Planner’ as a way to support themselves and their fellow entrepreneurs.

From ‘good’ to ‘great’

The planner sported everything a business owner would need, including daily schedules, a goal planner, monthly income tracker, events planner and team volume map, as well as space to log new customer, contacts and prospects – perfect to keep an individual motivated, organised and focussed. Yet, the planner’s downfall was that it lacked a consistent brand style, tone of voice and strategy in order to push it from ‘good’ to ‘great’. From the get-go, we knew that the concept for this planner had the potential to become extremely popular on social media, especially within the ever-growing network of entrepreneurs, yet its styling and design were holding it back.

“Our knowledge comes from experience; we’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt, and our planners are a small but powerful way to share that education with like-minded people. We have created the map in order to guide us along the path of success, and our value lies within sharing that information with others.”

“I defy anyone who orders it to be disappointed, by its exceptional quality and well thought out design.”

A desirable and aspirational brand

Through thorough consultation with Emma and Lisa over the course of several months, we started to build a clearer picture of what My Pro Planner actually meant to the community and how it was set to become an invaluable resource within their circles.  The key was being able to tie all of this up into a desirable and aspirational brand that would encourage sales and word-of-mouth recommendations through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

The brand mark was simplified, cleaned up and modernised to provide a stylistic interpretation of the original, and was paired with the name ‘My Pro Planner’ in a custom stencil style, serif typeface. The brand mark is iconic enough to be used on its own in different ways away from the My Pro Planner type, either as an icon or a watermark to add decoration or additional interest to a page.

Light pastel tones were selected for use within the colour scheme but these were then grounded with a more masculine navy shade to allow the brand to appeal to both men and women.

“The colours are lovely, navy and pink. Professional, yet feminine. And let’s face it, when it comes to a planner looks are important. I’m much more likely to carry on using it if the aesthetics have been thought about. And this one definitely ticks the boxes.” 


C:88% M:69% Y:47% K:49%

Beauty Blush

C:06% M:24% Y:18% K:00%


C:17% M:12% Y:13% K:00%


C:66% M:57% Y:55% K:60%

The quality of the finished planners was of the utmost importance, and so we worked hard with our chosen printer to ensure that the finished result was not only aesthetically pleasing but was both long-lasting and durable. A wipe-clean velvet laminate was chosen for the hardback cover and a subtle spot-UV was used to highlight the logo and the brand’s clear proposition; dream. plan. succeed. The planner’s spine was glued and then reinforced with ribbon, and pages were printed on a substantial 120gsm stock to minimise bleed-through and tearing.

The integrity of the planner and its page layouts were simplified, modernised and updated to reflect the refreshed brand and strategy, and spaces for motivational quotes were added, along with complementary patterns, in order to elevate the whole look.

The planner was launched in September 2017 to great success, with 3000 planners sold in a matter of a few days. Community engagement remains high on Instagram and Facebook, with the latter sporting 16.5k likes on the company page.

“Our planners allow our ‘Pro Planners’ to visualise not only their end goal but also what they will have to do in order to reach it. It’s through this visualisation and self-affirmation that success is born, and numerous ‘Pro Planners’ within our community are a testament to this.”