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The Living Room came to us with a well-established business and a strong vision for the future; the student-lettings industry needed to change for the better and they were going to be the ones to do it. 

The Living Room’s business model had started well and was ready to expand, but astutely, managers recognised that it order to aid successful growth they needed to align the companies three sites in Manchester, Swansea and Cardiff with a coherent brand and consistent message.

Having got to know The Living Room, we soon realised that they were much more than just a lettings and sales agency; for one thing, their offices are deliberately styled like living rooms to invoke a comfortable, warm and relaxed atmosphere, furthering their brand experience and giving an original twist to a usually stuffy business aesthetic. We could see that this was a business where brand and message was king, and we were tasked with updating their visual identity, consolidating their brand strategy and ultimately raising the game when it came to their web offering, as well as setting a new standard for the industry.



Having had an in depth knowledge of the industry already but utilising further research into The Living Room’s competitors, we deduced that we had the opportunity to create something really special and most importantly, different, and so set about reinforcing their messaging by experimenting with stylised typography, clean iconography and vibrant yet sophisticated colour palettes.

Through carefully selected visuals and textures, we gave clients a taste of the sort of accommodation they could expect from The Living Room; houses would never be be shoddy, badly maintained, run-down or sub-par just because they are rented to students. The brand strives to work with the best rental properties in the area and this is shown clearly through marketing collateral.

The Living Room is about safety and service and are passionate that their tenants deserve to live in warm, comfortable, safe and consistently maintained surroundings. This isn’t about treating tenants as numbers or statistics, but truly caring for their wellbeing.




We were able to roll the brand out to shop signage, vehicle graphics, animated web adverts and marketing collateral, and designed, developed and launched the new and improved website; streamlining search processes, simplifying property-booking (both front and back end), highlighting and reinforcing calls to action and UI, and ultimately giving the industry a taste of what The Living Room is all about; caring for clients, breaking the industry mould and looking damn cool when doing it.

To facilitate this, the website front and back end were built to be completely bespoke to the client, mirroring their in-house processes and procedures as closely as possible in order to minimise paper work and loss of information.

It was vital that all digital media and processes were seamless and carried the quirky attributes of the brand. This went as far as styling the property search delivered by a well known lettings and estate agency software provider in order to keep the brand experience on the website completely immersive.