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When we were approached by The Studio to create their brand and web presence, they were frustrated; frustrated with their industry – the 24 hour, discount gyms, seeing members as statistics and sales figures instead of individuals with different goals and abilities.

The Studio wanted to change this ‘new year, new you’, ‘bikini body ready’ ethos that had manifested itself in popular culture and rebel against corporate gain in favour of good honest hard work and so, The Studio Method was born; simple and committed training plans with integrity.



The brief was to create a brand and visual identity that was the complete antithesis of the shiny, corporate cattle market experience of the high-street gym. We cut through the bull and produced a utilitarian-design that could happily sit within their industrial styled unit, but was underpinned with a sense of high-end luxe, quality and strength.

Indeed with The Studio having such a focused and innovative business direction, the inspiring interior design ethos and implementation, the brain child of the fantastic Studio Severn, along with our understanding, enabled real creativity and the brand started to live and breathe in front of our eyes.



We developed The Studio’s brand philosophy at the very beginning of the project, even before laying down any pixels; the message was so strong that to have started the design process without it solidified may have meant we lost the heart and real purpose – we weren’t going to let that happen.

The Studio’s integrity is what brought such life and individuality into the project. The provoking signage featuring terms, ‘sweaty?’ and ‘if in doubt squat’ were created by Studio Severn echoing the tone of voice that was put in place through the brand philosophy we created.

Creative play and the teamwork between The Studio, StudioSevern and designdough is what had us invested from the get go, and why we are so proud of this project.

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