Owen Cox, Bid Manager

Walters is a highly successful, innovative and agile company, but moving into our 35th year of business showed us that we needed to give much more thought to our brand presence and personality in order to consolidate our heritage whilst keeping up with competition. We needed an agency that understood the complexities of our business and history but ultimately be able to move past that and offer us a complete and concise brand package that surpassed expectations within our industry and beyond. designdough delivered on their promise of this and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our rebrand has solidified our positioning for the future and allows us to move forward as a unified workforce with a true sense of strength and pride.


When you think of the term civil engineering in its broadest sense, what do you see? Diggers? Trucks? Lorries full of muck and dirt? Roadworks? You wouldn’t be wrong there, but through working with closely with Walters, we learnt that it really is so much more than that; specifically invention, innovation, bravery and respect.

Walters was established in 1982 by its current chairman, Mr Gweirydd Walters; a resourceful and enterprising man that started his career as an apprentice fitter in Trecatti coal mine and through shrewd investment, was able to build Walters from the ground up by purchasing one piece of Plant machinery (a Caterpillar 988 Loading Shovel), hiring this out and then through gradual growth and investment, was able to build Walters into the £250 million pound operation that it is today.

Now boasting over 400 members of staff. Walters had weathered any financial storm it had been faced with and had retained the agility in order to make quick decisions, try new things and ultimately succeed.


This meant that over the years of growth, Walters had amassed many facets to its portfolio of assets, including its own plant hire company which was set to become the heart of the business, a Landrover dealership, Ffos Las racecourse, Walters Arena and the even acquiring a hand in a renewables-based future with it’s sister company, Pennant. The issue came when tying all these parts together with one cohesive and strong brand – something that the company had not been able to focus on until we met them.

Undoubtedly, the Walters brand had grown with the business and had achieved a sterling reputation in both Welsh and UK circles, yet being a recognised name in civil engineering, plant and development works wasn’t enough for company directors, and they felt that the brand visual had become tired and dated over the years, no longer representing the innovative and forward thinking integrity of the business. They were ready to approach new markets and really shout about their abilities and extraordinary resources.

Through an extensive workshop process, it became clear that Walters were so much more than what it’s current brand was portraying; Practicality, pride, dedication and authenticity shone out from every facet of the business and formed the cornerstone of the brand strategy going forward.

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Their years of experience, knowledge and company culture were consolidated in order to better represent the future goals of the business; this needed to be a brand that everyone could be proud of and showed Walters as the force to be reckoned with that it really was. This wasn’t about dramatically redefining the business or culture, but was a way to celebrate all that Walters had grown into, as well as the community it had built along the way. The true heart of the business lay within its people, and so this was emphasised greatly in the newly strengthened brand and strategy – proudly named ‘The Walters Way’.

The typography of the logo was the first thing to change; ridding it of tight and uneven kerning that gave a heavy feel, and refining the serif forms’ curves and wideness (and therefore somewhat dated appearance) in favour of sharp, precise and slightly extended letterforms. This not only updated the logo but also gave Walters a bespoke typeface to play with, instantly strengthening the brand visual and setting a sophisticated marker from which to build the rest of the graphic elements from.




Drone footage, usually only used during civil engineering for mapping, was utilised in a creative way to build a photographic direction and colour palette based on the tones found within dirt, soil, clay and rock – the fundamentals of all of Walters work. This paired with an updated navy blue tone (a move forward from the Royal blue previously utilised) elevated the brand and gave a high-end feel without losing its grounding.