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Stock the next edition of our Journal

By Emily Davies | Brand Marketer & Copywriter

Stock the next edition of our Journal

What is the Journal?

The Journal is a sort of newspaper/magazine hybrid that we launched in 2017 as a way for us to share industry insights and news from the studio, as well as showcase our projects. Of course, we do all of this digitally across our website and social media, but there’s something special about printed literature.

Unlike traffic to our website, we’re not really able to pinpoint who reads our Journal, but we love the feeling of putting something out into the world for people to read, take inspiration from and pass on. There’s a sense of permanence and heartwarming nostalgia that comes with our Journal that just isn’t possible online. Plus, it’s super fun to write and design!

This is actually our fourth Journal and a MASSIVE thanks goes to the brilliant businesses of Cardiff for stocking and sharing our last three – much of the success of our Journal is down to you (you’re the best)! Previous issues include The Digital Edition, The Print Edition, and The Brand Edition. Which brings us onto the fourth…

The fourth edition

There was only one choice when it came to deciding the theme of this one. It’s the same thing that ties every single project we work on together, it’s the common denominator between every decision we make for ourselves and our clients. Presenting… The Purpose Edition.

2019 was a huge year for us; we turned thirteen, we moved studios, we welcomed new team members and well, things ramped up a notch. With all of these exciting milestones and changes came a year of self-reflection. We’d grown so organically but hadn’t taken the time to step back and assess what that meant for us – as individuals, as a team, and as a business.

So we decided to start asking ourselves the questions we ask our clients. Why do we get up in the morning? What’s important to us? What do we bring to the table? What do we stand for? What’s next?

We realised a lot of things, not least how excited we are to take things to the next level. But two things will always remain the same no matter where we are in our journey: Purpose is our passion and what sets us apart is, and always will be, our team.

What to expect from this Journal

With meaning on the mind, you can expect to see articles on Finding your Why and Building a Sense of Belonging, read our brand new team manifesto, use a Japanese concept to help you find your reason for being, be the first to hear about Brand Labs 2020 (our annual competition where one start-up wins a full brand package), and much more!

We hope you’ll agree it’s a lovely addition to your cafe, reception, studio, shop, creative space (etc!) and we hope it encourages everyone who reads it to ask themselves – why do I do what I do?

Trust us – it’s a wonderful thing to remind yourself about!

Interested in stocking our Journal?

Thank you! Stocking our Journal is completely free of charge and your order will be delivered straight to your door. Please email with the number of copies you’d like to receive (be that 1 or 1000!). The Purpose Journal is due to drop at the beginning of April.

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