What is the Summer Intern Programme?

The Summer Intern Programme provides recent graduates an opportunity to gain experience straight from university. Every year we give a young graphic designer a chance to gain work experience in our studio for the entire month.

Intern Kim says:

“Thank you so much for a great opportunity and having me as your summer intern. It’s been fab getting to know such a lovely bunch of people and in such a beautiful studio. I felt welcomed, even more so feeling like I was treated as part of the team rather than ‘just and intern'”

We loved having Kim in designdough HQ, learning our processes and lending a helping hand with any design work and any other team hi-jinx.

“As someone that has just come out of uni and stepping into the real world of design, you guys have definitely made it less terrifying that I initially thought it would be. I’ve learnt so much from you guys, from software tips and tricks to processes in various projects and how you go about them and I am truly grateful, not only to have learnt it all but to have been shown these things by the designdough team!”


  • Inspire Imagination
  • Uncover Creativity
  • Bridge Communication
  • Embrace Collaboration
  • Solve Problems
  • Constantly Evolve

We are proud that we are in a position where we can support and nurture talent in the industry. Do what you love to do and keep being creative.

We always want to support blossoming graduate graphic designers!

Future Internships 2018

We wish Kim all the best for the future and appreciate such kind words about her time spend with us!

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If you would like to apply for the summer internship for next year, we would love to see some of your work. You can email us some work or send it in the post. contact us.

We can keep your information on our system!

Current Positions

We have  a middleweight designer position available – apply today!