TEAM CHOICE: Productivity Apps

In this viciously fast-paced world, you’ve got to be efficient, on top of your game and always prepared…not much to ask really *sigh*. Luckily, thanks to the rise in (and sophistication of) technology, (which ironically is one of the reasons we have to be so ‘on top of everything’ now) there are some very handy, easy-to-use and budget-friendly applications that can aid in your day-to-day productivity and keep the dreaded ‘work/life balance’ in check. We managed to ask our team what their everyday favourites were before they told us to bugger off as they were too busy.




  1. Joe

    Asana means I can keep an eye on the business while I'm out of the office. I can easily set up tasks and projects for team members during meetings, as well as set up simple and complex tasks for myself as reminders.
  2. ABI

    The Google Photoscanner has to be one of the most valuable free apps out there. In a matter of seconds, you’re able to scan physical photos and documents to a ridiculously high standard and either save them to your phone or google drive for sharing. This app is particularly useful if you have old or antique photographs that you want to digitise without damaging them at all.
  3. ALICE

    It's so easy to keep track of your finances with Monzo - it has a great interface that no other bank accounts are doing at the moment. You get instant notifications as soon as your card is used, before the receipt is even printed in some instances.
  4. Ezra

    15GB of goodness, for free! It is also a very simple application to navigate.
  5. James N

    While it’s not directly a productivity app, it helps me get into a better mental space. Once there I’m much more productive.
  6. DAN

    Super simple to use and fairly stylish. Makes sharing files easy as hell.
  7. ALEX

    Sleep is vital to our health so it's well worth getting a good sleep schedule in place in order to maximise your brain power and feel like you can take on the world. This app monitors when you're getting deep sleep and gently wakes you in the morning as soon as you enter your lightest sleeping phase.
  8. Sam

    I like Strava, and it is probably the reason you see someone pinning down a mountain or road. It’s an application on my phone (and millions of others), that keeps track of your own time on trails or roads, and breaks down those trails or roads into segments, then puts your time against everyone else who has ridden the same routes as you. The person who is fastest is titled King/Queen of the Mountain (K/QoM) which is seen and coveted by everyone. It adds a competitive side to everyday-cycling which pushes me a lot more in fitness - always ideal!
  9. James R

    When you work full time and are the head chef in your household there is very little time to shave off those extra pounds from your waistline (Especially when your signature dish is cheese with a side of spag bol). Luckily the Nike run app sets you goals and challenges and updates it’s workouts regularly. It also sends push notifications that strike the perfect balance between guilt and inspiring.