TEAM CHOICE: Best podcasts 2019

Fads tend to come and go but podcasts are the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’re jazzing up your daily commute, injecting some fun into household chores or on a road trip with friends, podcasts offer an escape into just about any world: technology, wellbeing, comedy, arts, non-fiction, fiction, current affairs… you name it.

We typically listen with our headphones on, but the beauty of podcasts is that despite their solitary nature (which is kind of lovely, actually), they bring people together. You’ll often see communities being created online through a shared love for a particular podcast. A brilliant example of this is the My Dad Wrote a Porno Twitter account. Oh, and they’re FREE!

So without further ado, here are some of the podcasts that have us captivated, motivated and belly laughing. Yes, we’ve gone a bit overboard but hopefully that means there’s something there for everyone!

  1. ALICE

    This is a weekly storytelling podcast focussing on a different theme each week. The true stories vary hugely from serious issues like gun violence in Chicago, to lighthearted episodes like whether superheroes could be real people.
  2. ALICE

    Partly because I love Queer Eye, but mainly because of the vibrant and real conversations with all kinds of inspiring people who are experts in their fields.
  3. EMILY

    Have you ever had the death row meal conversation? This is basically it with a different guest every ep! Perfect if you want something that’s easy listening and hilarious.
  4. EMILY

    Prepare to get obsessed with unsolved murders as two mates break down some of the most shocking true crime cases ever. It’s pretty relaxed but so gripping and they really know their stuff. Totally addictive.
  5. EZRA

    Hosted by American comedian, actor, sports commentator, and television host Joe Rogan. Joe interviews people live from various walks of life that have usually made it big in their area of expertise. Awesome podcast for some light listening, good interviews, and a little laugh.
  6. EZRA

    A weekly podcast featuring media personality Charlamagne Tha God and comedian Andrew Schulz who discuss current events.
  7. JAMES N

    Excellent podcast about hacks and vulnerabilities, very eye opening. Cyber is also a good one for the same reasons!
  8. JAMES N

    Founder of Digg, was a partner at Google Ventures and invested in some big companies, he interviews authors, technologists, scientists and productivity hackers to explore how to reach peak personal and professional performance while living a minimal and balanced life.
  9. JAMES R

    Probably an obvious one, but if you ask me, season one is unmissable (if for nothing else other than the hypnotic tones of the presenter Sarah Koenig)! It follows the controversial story of the murder of a high-school student, Hae Min Lee and the sentencing of her classmate, Adnan Syed who emphatically protests his innocence.
  10. JOE

    This podcast is epic. Humanises all of the big brands. The owners/founders tell the story of how hard it is to set up business.
  11. JONNY

    Short stories, both fiction and reality, told around a central theme. Funny one minute, tragic the next. It's lovingly made and just long enough for the walk to the office.
  12. JONNY

    A podcast that dives deep into different stories from the tech world while bringing the audience along. Focussing on the people, rather than the machines, it looks at our relationship with tech, positively and negatively.
  13. JONNY

    What started as a parody of niche interest shows like Countryfile and The One Show has now created its own rich beef world. Like the best parody, it treats its ridiculous world incredibly seriously. Like the best podcasts, it's like being part of a secret community.
  14. JONNY

    The definitive design podcast. Looking at how design decisions impact everything from the clothes we wear to preventing wildfires. It's always on these lists because it's the best at what it does.
  15. SAM

    Mountain bike podcast. It's all about mountain bicycles and people who ride the mountain bicycles. It's fantastic. I recommend Josh Brycelands episode if you are gonna dive in!
  16. SAM

    The 'official’ Android dev podcast, bunch of episodes about new tech that isn't just Android ( hello Flutter <3). They are part of the Android dev team so you get a nice look into their workflow, training, and the mystery behind the wonderful lil green bot's OS!
  17. SAM

    Two guys hosting a podcast about eeeeverything. One is an actor, he's most known from ‘The Hangover’ trilogy, the other is a former UFC fighter, and it's just hilarious.