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Team Choice: Favourite album covers of all time

By Emily Davies | Brand Marketer & Copywriter

Team Choice: Favourite album covers of all time

For those who are new here, Team Choice is where each member of the team picks their favourite item within a chosen subject (brands, podcasts, apps etc). With a brand refresh on the horizon, we’ve been focusing a lot recently on what makes us, us. So for this Team Choice, we’ve chosen a subject that plays a profound role in shaping who we are. Music.

Ah, music! It connects us with the world around us and the way we feel about it, it gives us a means to express ourselves and helps us through life’s good times and bad. It’s a motivator and a therapist. It’s new beginnings and nostalgia.

But what about the artwork that sits alongside our favourite albums? Do the visuals do justice to the music? Do they tell a story? Do they add meaning or just look good?

Presenting our favourite album covers…

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