TEAM CHOICE: World Cup Kits

Football and design aren’t instantly synonymous with one another, but dig a little deeper and you can start to pick out the subtle aesthetic choices that teams are making and this all comes into the forefront when the World Cup comes about. Everyone is watching, so every team (individual brands in their own right) pulls out all the stops and visually represents their club culture and heritage wherever possible. Of course, there’s no better way to fully embody your brand than by wearing it on your body (“wearing your heart on your sleeve”…anyone? anyone!?), so the designdough team have taken some time out to discuss (and argue over) our favourite World Cup team kits.




  1. Dan

    Simple, stylish, confident. This retro-feel kit couldn’t match Germany’s team any better. Even down to the small detail of having die mannschaft (meaning the team) on the back of the collar, everything about this kit screams of Germany and their style of play. The black on white (and nothing else) is a great update to past kits, like their 1988 shirt and the World Cup Italia 1990 winner. Nothing complicated. Just simple and sexy af!
  2. Ezra

    Hands down, this wins the shirt-World Cup. On and off the pitch Nigeria are head and shoulders above the rest in looking good. You would only wish that their skills on the pitch would match this stylish statement of intent. The feathered pattern is a nod to when they first qualified for the competition in 1994. Magnificent.
  3. Abi

    Adidas decided to go retro for this shirt which led to mass controversy, as fans believed they were being ripped off. The president of the Moroccan Football federation was so mad he almost cancelled the contract! Adidas managed to save it on the second try and come through with this subtle shirt.
  4. Alex

    A simple, yet strikingly effective piece of design. This kit stands up tall and feels regal and proud. For me, this is South American style and class encapsulated within an iconic football kit. This shirt has influenced so many modern kits, including Manchester City and Crystal Palace! Red, white and gold colours work so well. Majestic.
  5. Rhys

    Japan Designed with the concept of samurai, this World Cup offering goes minimal instead of its usual traditional aesthetic. The pattern is a Japanese stitching technique called Sashiko. Another fierce underdog team who will give everything they have at this world cup, including style.
  6. Alice

    Simple, clean, precise showing the mountainous topography mapped in the background design. The Swiss have a subtle elegance about them. This is mirrored in the way they play. This kit on the pitch, makes these players look even more devilishly handsome. This is the most attractive team in the world cup or maybe it is just the kit?
  7. Joe

    This is a proud shirt with a massive eagle on it. What's not to like about that?! The diagonal chest pattern cuts across the jersey representing the Polish eagle cutting through the competition. Everyone loves a fierce underdog and the Polish team is no different.