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The best books for graphic designers, creatives and leaders

By Emily Davies | Brand Marketer & Copywriter

The best books for graphic designers, creatives and leaders

Reminiscing on the days we’d dress up for World Book Day in school and how fun it was, we became kind of sad that we don’t celebrate anymore what used to be a magical day for us when we were kids. It got us thinking, it’s actually just as magical to us now. Books still have a profound effect on us and we don’t talk about them enough here.

We read them to our children, we use them for self-help, to feel inspired, to escape into, to learn… They’re some of our most special possessions and as a company that champions print, they’ll never go out of fashion for us.

Now we could have just channeled our inner child and dressed up for work… we’ll chuck that in the suggestion box for next year. Instead, in celebration of World Book Day today, we’ve compiled a selection of books that have served a certain kind of purpose for us – ones that have inspired and taught us to be good at what we do.

So here goes. Our book recommendations for designers, budding designers, creatives and leaders.

Side note – how good do books smell?!

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