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09.1.2015 | < 1 MIN Insights

designdough Predictions for 2015

New and rolling design trends of 2015

12.3.2015 | < 1 MIN Insights

‘Break’ Time

I realise that this is my first blog post for designdough in the 5 years I have now worked here and it’s not about contrasting colours or the importance of well-kerned titles…

01.5.2015 | 2 MINS Insights

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Change (Without the Waffle!)

There has been a lot of news and discussion over the last week or so about about Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm change on April 21st 2015.

30.10.2015 | 2 MINS Insights

Getting Over Newbie Nerves: Starting at a New Company

My first days at work at a new company are usually ridiculously daunting…

05.11.2015 | 3 MINS Insights

A Guide to Writing Copy for Print

Just because you can fill a page with text, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

09.12.2015 | 2 MINS Insights

SEO Back 2 Basics

In the land of SEO, there are many myths and do’s and don’ts; a minefield that’s easy to get caught in.

08.4.2016 | 2 MINS Insights Team

10 Years of designdough

There is little more essential to a branding agency than a strong brand. Imagine trying to sell windows from a boarded up shop and you’ll see what I mean.

28.10.2016 | 4 MINS Insights

Don’t Be Afraid of the Fold

Above the fold, below the fold, what is the fold? We shed some light on 600 pixels

20.1.2017 | 4 MINS Insights

The Importance of Constantly Evolving Your Creative Space

You can call us crazy hippies if you want to, but here at designdough, we believe in the power of hand-building and curating your creative space, and allowing it to evolve with your team.

19.5.2017 | < 1 MIN Insights

BadWolf Open their Principal Film Studio in Cardiff

In the summer of 2015, we were honoured to be approached by BadWolf and developed a bold and daring brand strategy and visual in order to further establish them within South Wales and beyond…

13.9.2017 | 4 MINS Insights

How to: Approach an Agency for the First Time

We get it, it’s scary, and we don’t envy you, but everyone at designdough had to do it at some point, so let us give you some top tips on how to get on your go-to agency’s radar and stay there!

10.11.2017 | 3 MINS Insights Team

Why we’ve updated our website…again

We launched our current website on 8th April 2016 – that’s 580 days ago.

04.12.2017 | 4 MINS Brand Insights

How to: Manage the launch of a new brand

So you’ve worked your bum off collaborating with your chosen design agency to ensure that your brand is all singing, all dancing and truly represents your mission and vision.

17.1.2018 | 3 MINS Graphic Insights

The Journal: The Science Behind Print

We are delighted to see that print, in its many forms is having somewhat of a renaissance; a hipster revival much in the same way as vinyl has become popular again.

30.1.2018 | 4 MINS Insights

We were featured on Communication Art’s ‘Web Picks’

Our new site gives users an immersive experience of what it’s like to work with the Cardiff, Wales-based creative design firm.

13.2.2018 | 2 MINS Insights

Vive La Print!

Screen-printing has seen many rises and falls in popularity, turning from a revolutionary manufacturing process to an undoubtable art form.

13.3.2018 | 3 MINS Insights

We Visited: gofod3

Last year, we were honoured to win a tender laid out by the WCVA (Welsh Council for Voluntary Action) for the brand and design of their new pilot project, gofod3.

21.3.2018 | 2 MINS Insights

We Visited: Spectrum Printing

Warning! this is a hideously geeky blog post in which we talk about not only our love of print, but our excitement at seeing print processes in action…

28.3.2018 | < 1 MIN Insights

We Love: OkCupid’s ‘DTF’ Campaign

If you’re not particularly savvy on contemporary acronyms or a big fan of the TV Show Jersey Shore, then you probably have no idea what ‘DTF’ means and we suggest that you refer to Urban Dictionary…

26.4.2018 | 4 MINS Insights

The Power of Brand: Supreme

On our daily appreciation of all things brand, we’ve started to collect snippets from some very special companies…

11.6.2018 | 2 MINS Insights Web

Our (tech) stack

Okay, so this is going to be bit of a technical post (brace yourselves!)

13.8.2018 | 4 MINS Insights Web

The Journal: Don’t Lose Your Heart On The Web

No, we’re not talking about Tinder or Bumble here, although keeping your brand consistent and concise on all digital channels could be likened to maintaining a dating profile.

15.8.2018 | 3 MINS Graphic Insights

The Journal: The Importance of Video

Instagram Stories. Snapchat. Periscope. Youtube. Vimeo. Vine (RIP…although, V2 anyone!?). Even Facebook has integrated video banners into its pages.

| 6 MINS Insights Web

The Journal: Building Websites Is Easy…Right!?

Think you can launch a website and then its job done? Errrrrr, nope! Those babies take constant upkeep, maintenance, love and care, much like a small furry pet…or a beloved pot plant.

17.9.2018 | 4 MINS Insights

The Power of Brand: IKEA

From the beginning, IKEA’s vision has been to “create a better everyday life for the many people” and this is reflected in every part of their business model

18.2.2019 | 4 MINS Insights

The Power of Brand: Spotify

Spotify was no longer all about music, it was about people.

20.12.2019 | 2 MINS Insights

2019: You Were a Blast! The DD Highlights

Long. Time. No. See.

09.4.2020 | 2 MINS Insights

Finding your Why and sharing your Story. Why is it important?

There’s something within your business that lies beyond the money it makes, the services it offers or the products it sells. Purpose.

23.4.2020 | 2 MINS Insights

What is your ikigai and how do you find it?

Discover your Reason for Being according to an ancient Japanese concept.

14.5.2020 | 4 MINS Insights

Top tips for managing chronic illness at work

Hello, I’m Abi and I live with a chronic illness…

25.10.2020 | 6 MINS Insights

10 Tips For Overcoming Creative Block

Creative block. The dreadful, infuriating, inescapable monotony of a brain that won’t switch on…

20.11.2020 | 3 MINS Insights

Creating a Unique Brand Voice Through Typography

Typography is one of the key areas of branding and is often the bedrock of any successful identity.

22.9.2021 | 4 MINS Insights

7 Reasons we Vibe with Officevibe

To mark International Week of Happiness at Work, we want to tell you about Officevibe and the reasons we vibe with it.