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11.12.2015 | < 1 MIN Team

Christmas at designdough

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

08.4.2016 | 2 MINS Insights Team

10 Years of designdough

There is little more essential to a branding agency than a strong brand. Imagine trying to sell windows from a boarded up shop and you’ll see what I mean.

06.5.2016 | < 1 MIN Team

Our 10 Year Celebration

A huge thank you to everyone that attended and helped to make our 10th birthday such a special one!

12.9.2016 | < 1 MIN Team

Introducing Ezra…

Ezra, Ez, Easy-E, Crazy Frog, Newest Recruit of the designdough posse – welcome!

16.11.2016 | 2 MINS Team

For those who ‘Secret Santa…’

Let’s end all the fighting and bickering, let’s end the names in a hat induced paper cuts…

14.12.2016 | 3 MINS Brand Team

Make Your Own Pallet Christmas Tree #builditbrandit

You may or may not remember this hideously tacky Christmas film we made last year…

09.10.2017 | 2 MINS Team

Summer Intern Success

Our Summer Intern Programme provides young graduates an opportunity to gain experience straight from university.

10.11.2017 | 3 MINS Insights Team

Why we’ve updated our website…again

We launched our current website on 8th April 2016 – that’s 580 days ago.

09.1.2018 | 2 MINS Team

Onwards and upwards…

In usual designdough fashion, we got carried away with Christmas festivities, projects, marketing and…er hum…parties, that our December blog fell by the wayside.

26.7.2018 | 2 MINS Team

Everyone, meet Sam!

Our quest for a designdough web developer is now complete having asked Sam to join us.

10.8.2018 | 3 MINS Team

The Journal: A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Reminisce with us for a second, if you will, and join us in feeling hideously old…

13.9.2018 | 3 MINS Team

When Alice Met Lin-Manuel Miranda

Not every Monday morning in the studio starts with “Guys, what did you do this weekend?”, “I was on Good Morning America!”

12.11.2018 | 3 MINS Team

We’re Moving!

Mount Stuart House in Cardiff Bay has been our home for the last four years, but the building was recently sold. This meant one thing: We’re moving!

09.1.2019 | 2 MINS Team

2018: one hell of year!

You know when you move house and you’re surrounded by boxes and you naively think “This’ll only take me a few days to sort out”…

09.1.2020 | 3 MINS Team

New year, new brand?

If our brand doesn’t speak to us anymore, there’s no way we can sell ourselves to clients in the way we’d like.

06.2.2020 | 6 MINS Team

Starting a business – designdough: The Story

Get used to never feeling comfortable ever again. Saying that, it’s the most fulfilling, enjoyable and exciting journey I’ve ever been on.

16.4.2020 | 5 MINS Team

Meet Michael – Q&A with our Web Developer

It’s been a rather unconventional start for Michael and us – he’s been with us for a month but we’ve only met him twice…

13.8.2020 | 6 MINS Team

Building a Sense of Belonging

Our studio isn’t just a workspace, it’s an extension of our brand ethos, us as a team and the immersive quality of our process.

27.10.2020 | 5 MINS Team

Celebrating 5 Years of Abi – A Q&A with our Studio Manager

“I give myself daily reminders to remain realistic, practical, strategic and to not buy-in to ‘grind culture’. Your worth is not measured by your productivity.”

26.11.2020 | < 1 MIN Team

Our 2020 Mood Board

A miscellaneous collection of images that have inspired us this year.

21.7.2021 | 8 MINS Team

Meet the people you haven’t met yet – A Q&A with new team members

It’s finally time for us to introduce you to our new team members; four amazing people with a very particular set of skills…

01.12.2021 | 3 MINS Team

Introducing Jade – A Q&A with our Studio Manager

“My nan’s nickname for me is ‘admin’ because I even organise my family… I love lists and plans – ticking…

08.12.2021 | 6 MINS Team

Team Choice: Our Favourite Packaging Picks

Don’t be fooled by packaging; it may seem like a bit of a boring subject at first, but there’s something about a packaging project that gets our hearts ticking. Take a browse at our top packaging picks…

15.12.2021 | < 1 MIN Team

Christmas Closing Times 2021

Click here for our 2021 Christmas closing times. We hope you have a very merry Christmas, and a tidy New Year!

06.1.2022 | 4 MINS Team

Team Choice: Our 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

With 2021 drawn to a close, we’re starting off with an exciting and inspiring 2022 here at designdough. What better way than to kick off the New Year with good ol’ traditions? Have a nose at our goals, plans and hobbies for 2022 here…

23.2.2022 | < 1 MIN Team

We’re Hiring: Senior Designer

Another vacancy? You bet. If you’ve got a love for typography, a passion for branding, and a nack for Adobe – get in touch!

21.3.2022 | 2 MINS Team

Team Choice: Our Last Meals

It’s time for another team choice blog from us at designdough. What would our last meals be if we had the choice? Read on if you’re morbidly curious…we won’t judge!

14.6.2022 | 5 MINS Insights Team

The Importance of Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement starts from the very beginning of any project. So, how does designdough work with Stakeholders?

27.6.2022 | 3 MINS Insights Team

We’re Hiring: Graphic Design Summer Intern

We’re Hiring! Could you be our Graphic Design Summer Intern?

08.7.2022 | 4 MINS Insights Brand Graphic Team Web

6 Top Tips for Applying for our new Graphic Design Internship

Have you seen that we’re advertising for our new Graphic Design Summer Intern? We’ve put together our 6 Top Tips for applying.

22.8.2022 | 3 MINS Team

HIRED: Middleweight Designer

We’re on the lookout to expand our brilliant team – could you be a part of it? Applications now open.

| 4 MINS Team

HIRED: Senior Designer

Another vacancy? You bet. If you’ve got a love for typography, a passion for branding, and a nack for Adobe – get in touch!

04.1.2023 | 2 MINS Team

HIRED: Junior Designer

We’re on the lookout to expand our brilliant team – could you be a part of it? Applications now open.

11.1.2023 | 3 MINS Team

HIRED: Web Developer

Change is still on the horizon for us here, and this time, we’re looking for a new Web Developer to join us in the studio.