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11.12.2015 | < 1 MIN Team

Christmas at designdough

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

08.4.2016 | 2 MINS Insights Team

10 Years of designdough

There is little more essential to a branding agency than a strong brand. Imagine trying to sell windows from a boarded up shop and you’ll see what I mean.

06.5.2016 | < 1 MIN Team

Our 10 Year Celebration

A huge thank you to everyone that attended and helped to make our 10th birthday such a special one!

12.9.2016 | < 1 MIN Team

Introducing Ezra…

Ezra, Ez, Easy-E, Crazy Frog, Newest Recruit of the designdough posse – welcome!

16.11.2016 | 2 MINS Team

For those who ‘Secret Santa…’

Let’s end all the fighting and bickering, let’s end the names in a hat induced paper cuts…

14.12.2016 | 3 MINS Brand Team

Make Your Own Pallet Christmas Tree #builditbrandit

You may or may not remember this hideously tacky Christmas film we made last year…

09.10.2017 | 2 MINS Team

Summer Intern Success

Our Summer Intern Programme provides young graduates an opportunity to gain experience straight from university.

10.11.2017 | 3 MINS Insights Team

Why we’ve updated our website…again

We launched our current website on 8th April 2016 – that’s 580 days ago.

09.1.2018 | 2 MINS Team

Onwards and upwards…

In usual designdough fashion, we got carried away with Christmas festivities, projects, marketing and…er hum…parties, that our December blog fell by the wayside.

26.7.2018 | 2 MINS Team

Everyone, meet Sam!

Our quest for a designdough web developer is now complete having asked Sam to join us.

10.8.2018 | 3 MINS Team

The Journal: A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Reminisce with us for a second, if you will, and join us in feeling hideously old…

13.9.2018 | 3 MINS Team

When Alice Met Lin-Manuel Miranda

Not every Monday morning in the studio starts with “Guys, what did you do this weekend?”, “I was on Good Morning America!”

12.11.2018 | 3 MINS Team

We’re Moving!

Mount Stuart House in Cardiff Bay has been our home for the last four years, but the building was recently sold. This meant one thing: We’re moving!

09.1.2019 | 2 MINS Team

2018: one hell of year!

You know when you move house and you’re surrounded by boxes and you naively think “This’ll only take me a few days to sort out”…

09.1.2020 | 3 MINS Team

New year, new brand?

If our brand doesn’t speak to us anymore, there’s no way we can sell ourselves to clients in the way we’d like.

06.2.2020 | 6 MINS Team

Starting a business – designdough: The Story

Get used to never feeling comfortable ever again. Saying that, it’s the most fulfilling, enjoyable and exciting journey I’ve ever been on.

16.4.2020 | 5 MINS Team

Meet Michael – Q&A with our Web Developer

It’s been a rather unconventional start for Michael and us – he’s been with us for a month but we’ve only met him twice…

13.8.2020 | 6 MINS Team

Building a Sense of Belonging

Our studio isn’t just a workspace, it’s an extension of our brand ethos, us as a team and the immersive quality of our process.

27.10.2020 | 5 MINS Team

Celebrating 5 Years of Abi – A Q&A with our Studio Manager

“I give myself daily reminders to remain realistic, practical, strategic and to not buy-in to ‘grind culture’. Your worth is not measured by your productivity.”

26.11.2020 | < 1 MIN Team

Our 2020 Mood Board

A miscellaneous collection of images that have inspired us this year.

21.7.2021 | 8 MINS Team

Meet the people you haven’t met yet – A Q&A with new team members

It’s finally time for us to introduce you to our new team members; four amazing people with a very particular set of skills…

25.10.2021 | 4 MINS Team

Introducing Molly — A Q&A with our Marketing & Copywriting Assistant

Get to know our new Marketing & Copywriting Assistant, Molly. From her role at designdough to her dream dinner party guests (it’s a hec of a line up!).

01.12.2021 | 3 MINS Team

Introducing Jade – A Q&A with our Studio Manager

“My nan’s nickname for me is ‘admin’ because I even organise my family… I love lists and plans – ticking…