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11.6.2018 | 2 MINS Insights Web

Our (tech) stack

Okay, so this is going to be bit of a technical post (brace yourselves!)

13.8.2018 | 4 MINS Insights Web

The Journal: Don’t Lose Your Heart On The Web

No, we’re not talking about Tinder or Bumble here, although keeping your brand consistent and concise on all digital channels could be likened to maintaining a dating profile.

15.8.2018 | 6 MINS Insights Web

The Journal: Building Websites Is Easy…Right!?

Think you can launch a website and then its job done? Errrrrr, nope! Those babies take constant upkeep, maintenance, love and care, much like a small furry pet…or a beloved pot plant.

27.3.2020 | 3 MINS Web

Welcome to our new website — 2020

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new lifeeeee, for our website. And we’re feeling goooood!

16.7.2020 | 10 MINS Web

Asking a Web Developer Stupid Questions

Our Instagram followers asked us website questions, and our Web Developer answered!

28.7.2020 | 5 MINS Web

Things I Consider When Designing For Web

Let’s face it, a well designed website can make or break your online presence.

31.7.2020 | 4 MINS Web

Serving Up Life On The Web

Did you know – Wales has the 10th largest server farm in the world! But what the hec is a server farm?