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27.10.2020 | 5 MINS Team

Celebrating 5 Years of Abi – A Q&A with our Studio Manager

“I give myself daily reminders to remain realistic, practical, strategic and to not buy-in to ‘grind culture’. Your worth is not measured by your productivity.”

25.10.2020 | 6 MINS Insights

10 Tips For Overcoming Creative Block

Creative block. The dreadful, infuriating, inescapable monotony of a brain that won’t switch on…

28.8.2020 | 5 MINS Brand Labs

Shout out to our Shortlist!

The Brand Labs finalists who blew our socks off!

13.8.2020 | 6 MINS Team

Building a Sense of Belonging

Our studio isn’t just a workspace, it’s an extension of our brand ethos, us as a team and the immersive quality of our process.

06.8.2020 | 4 MINS Brand

Brand Strategy Consolidation: Why your Brand Needs a Backbone

Once upon a time, a ‘good-enough’ logo and a business card would have been enough to get you through the door. Not anymore…

31.7.2020 | 4 MINS Web

Serving Up Life On The Web

Did you know – Wales has the 10th largest server farm in the world! But what the hec is a server farm?

28.7.2020 | 5 MINS Web

Things I Consider When Designing For Web

Let’s face it, a well designed website can make or break your online presence.

16.7.2020 | 10 MINS Web

Asking a Web Developer Stupid Questions

Our Instagram followers asked us website questions, and our Web Developer answered!

08.7.2020 | 7 MINS Graphic

Is Graphic Design a Good Career?

We answer the internet’s most asked questions on a topic we love to talk about… Graphic Design.

| 4 MINS Brand Labs

A Q&A with Odddot, Brand Labs 2017 Winner

“They will make you feel like you can achieve anything you dream of!”