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With the rise in plastic in our oceans and landfill, as well as numerous health concerns reported surrounding unhealthy diets, additives and chemicals in our food, times are changing and customers are starting to take back control of how they buy and consume products from retailers. Companies are required to be more transparent and mindful of their effects on the planet, but there in undoubtedly a vast way to go before ethics and sustainability are at the forefront of everyone’s minds.


Photography courtesy of pa black & Alex Sedgmond


Husband and wife team, Rod and Siobhan, are two people with those very things at the heart of their business. Together, they created the concept of Viva Organic; a one-stop shop for produce and products that fully promote the benefits of living and eating organically. Ethically sourcing only the best in fresh, dried and wholefood ingredients ensures that their customers have the widest choice of consumables to feed, nourish and treat their bodies.

Viva Organic believes in ethical-living and the power of consistent and proper ecological practices in aiding to rebuild our own health and the health of our planet. They are passionate about educating people on topics such as recycling and eliminating plastic packaging in a non-judgemental, open and friendly way, and so it was vital that their brand and tone-of-voice were on point and sending the right message, long before the physical shop was open to the public.


The brand was built from the strategy up, starting with the key brand values of Ethical, Consistent, Family-Led, Proud and Passionate and partnered with brand offerings such as ‘Viva Organic encourages exploration of new tastes, ways of eating and ways of living.’ and ‘Viva Organic is dedicated to making a difference within people’s lives through the provision of quality organic produce and products.’.

To Viva Organic, the term ‘family’ means more than just direct relations; it encompasses employees, suppliers, customers and the local community. Both Rod and Siobhan work hard to establish successful and long-lasting relationships with the people they come into contact with in order to forge a positive association of like-minded individuals, and so spent a great deal of time on the interior design and layout of the shop. This side of the business was already underway and so creating a brand visual that matched their distinctive style and taste was crucial.


It was important that the visual wasn’t too ‘earthy’, ‘alternative’ or stereotypically organic – through thorough market research it was clear that although this style certainly serves a specific clientele, it quite often isolates others not fully educated on the lifestyle and so the decision was to go with a more high-end and accessible look and feel in order to appeal to the widest customer base possible.

The logo and colour palette, although appearing quite ‘luxe’ at first glance, are grounded by a rough and unfinished texture, and the central illustration within the logo roundel signifies subtle growth and vitality without being too obvious. Through to the quality and choice of produce, Viva Organic is dedicated to consistently offering only the best service to its customers in order to fly the flag for the benefits of an organic lifestyle, and so the brand visual was created to inspire a sense of trust, warmth and authority.



Since opening on 11th August 2018 with their ‘waste-free’ ethos allowing customers to take they’re own containing in store to weight and measure the good that they need, the public response has been fantastic. Through both the strategy and the visual, Viva Organic are are proud to advocate sustainable, healthy and honest lifestyle choices with style, and through the appeal of their brand, will continue to educate others on the simple changes they can make within their lives for the better.